small chaff cutter,hay cutter machine

we  have wide range of small chaff cutter for fodder cuttings whether hay cutter could be green or wet.  small chaff cutter can easily cut through different models and types.  We do have diesel chaff cutter, electric chaff cutter .,and chaff cutter by tractor driven.  Explore more details under our product group to choose your model.

We the leading Manufacturers of small Chaff Cutter to our clients. These hay cutter machines can be operated  by electricity. Made of premium grade raw material, our chaff cutter are specifically designed for cutting green fodders & dry fodders for the cattle in easy and efficient manner

With an extensive knowledge and experience in this respective domain we are affianced in offering high quality Heavy Duty hay cutter at market leading prices. Equipped with hardened blades, this agriculture, hay cutter machine and tool is available in standard specifications and because of its features like high strength, sturdiness, simple operations, corrosion & impact resistance and durability, this Heavy Duty straw chopper is used in big farms, cattle camps and other associated sectors.

small chaff cutter chaff cutter


poultry feed grinder,animal feed grinding mill

Detailed description of poultry feed grinder

1).The series poultry feed grinder  has high transmitting efficienty,working smoothly,solidity and durability

2).the poultry feed grinder Use the drop-pulverizing room to destory the circulation layer of feed, so they can improve the grinding efficiency

3).animal feed crusher has the features of bidirectional materials purchased ahd turning around using the hammer pieces,so they are cost-effictive and long lifetime

4).Can be used for all kinds of granular feed ingredient such as corn,sorghum, pies and others

Adaptability of poultry feed grinder

poultry feed grinder can grind Fruit Shell, herbs, bark, leaves, wheat bran, rice husk, corn cob, straw, grains, dried small

shrimps, fish meal, seaweed, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, spices, jujube, lees, cake,

potato residue, tea, soybean, cotton, plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, hundreds of

various edible fungi and other difficult materials processing. the feed hammer mill crusher

is the ideal grinder of

husbandry, food and other industries. (Note Processing of explosive materials can not be

crushed.) it is used with animal feed pellet mill to make chicken feed pellet,rabbit feed pellet,pig feed pellets,and so on.


ring die feed pellet mill,pellet making machine

ring die feed pellet mill

The ring die feed pellet mill is equipped with radial slots along the surface of the die. The powder is fed into the device and spreaders smooth the powder into a more or less even coat. Two or more rollers compress the substance, pushing the powder through the radial slots. As with the flat die pellet mill, cutters cut the pellets as they emerge from the slots

Advantages of Ring Die Pellet Mill:

There are two main advantages in using ring die pellet making machine. First, ring die feed pellet mills generate less wear and tear since both the inner and outer edges of the roller traverse the same distance. Second, ring die feed pellet mills are more energy efficient the flat die design. Roller slip during the complete pelleting process brings extra friction, but this extra friction is a good element in the production of quality wood pellets due to the additional heat.

1. the feed pellet mill is Adopted high-precision gear drive, advanced flexible coupling, for high productive efficiency.
2. Pellet machine main driving adopt imported SKF(NSK)bearing, NAK oil seal and Siemens Bedford motor.
3. Frequency converter control feeder flow, full stainless steel feeder, cover and chute.
4. Full stainless steel lengthened conditioner, both paddle and shaft are made of stainless steel.
5. Frequency converter control feeder flow, full stainless steel feeder, cover and chute.
6. Specally made feeder for stable and even feeding of grass, wood, sawdust, straw, hops and so on.


feed hammer mill,corn feed grinder

feed hammer mill

The 9FQ feed hammer mill is a new design feed crusher. The performance of the feed hammer mill  is higher than the normal standard. feed grinder is mainly used in the farms, middle sized feeding factory or for family use. The characters of the feed hammer mill focus on: Simple construction, convenient operation, high efficiency, saving power consumption, and safe condition. It is fitting to grind the yam, peanut, rice and other plants; husks; fresh pachyrhizus, green vegetables and grass.

features of feed hammer mill

1. The poultry feed hammer mill /feed grinder machine can grind various pellet feed materials such as corn, sorghum, wheat, soya, crumbled cake.

2.This poultry feed hammer mill is adopted imported high-quality bearings, with long life and smooth operation.

3. the corn grinder has Impeller feeder equipped with feed conversion and screw conveyor feed speed and other forms of feeder.

4. it is usually used with feed pellet mill in feed industry to make poultry feed pellets.

feed hammer mill


feed pellet machine,flat die pellet mill

feed pellet machine

One pellet mill  is known as the large-scale mill or press. this type pellet mill often used to create livestock feeds or produce wood pellets for use in stoves. Within this class, ring die and flat die mills are developed to create the wanted size of pellets. A flat die mill  use of a die that receives the powder near the top of the device, where it is pressed firmly with a roller. As the roller progresses over the powder, it is compressed and forced through slots in the body of the die. Cutters are used to clip the compressed powder into pellets as it emerges from the slots.

Features of feed pellet machine:

1. feed pellet machine has Wide production range, we could get it to pellet from

biomass we could find now such as wood chips, pine, bamboo, peanut shell, rice husk

and straw.

2.The density of the pellet could be 1100 kg/m³.

3.Compression ratio of the nib. As the different material has different stacking density

and lignose, the nib should be adjusted to get the best molding result.

We have done more experiments to get the more suitable current die specification.

For general material, it should be the best , but we could adjust the

compression ratio according to the material if the customer has got the low production.and before pelleting, the raw materials have to be crushed into power form with a feed crusher

feed pellet machine

feed grinder


straw chopper machine,straw cutter machine

straw chopper machine

small chaff cutter machine mainly used to chop corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw

all kinds of crop straw and pasture. These processed materials suitable for breeding

cattle and sheep deer horse etc, chaff cutter can also process cotton stalk,

branches, bark, and so on, used for straw generation ethanol,

Usage of straw chopper

straw chopper machine is mainly used for cutting micro-green chaff, dried corn stalks, rice straw and other forage crops, straw and tobacco, wheat straw, maize straw, broom corm straw, sweet potato stem, beanstalk, grain wheat straw and various biomass. These crushed materials are suitable for breeding cattle and sheep deer horse etc.

1. the straw cutter can be the feed of cow or sheep.

2. straw cutter can be used to electricity generating, paper making, artificial board making,

ethanol extracting etc.

3.The straw chopper machine can be matched with the dynamo, diesel engine or 30-50 hp tractor.

animal feed mixing machine for cattle feed,chicken feed

Product introduction of feed mixing machine

feed mixing machine is mainly used to mix powder materials for animal feed, especially when we make feed pellets by pellet mill, if we have many kinds of materials ,we have to use it to mix materials

1.Original design of double reducer ensures balanced drive,reduces power consumption and operates with adjustable speed.2. The improvement of open door shaft and link mechanism ensures the angel of openning door is larger than 90°,close door which is deadlocked.3. The improvement of discharging door structure enlarge sealed gearing face,better sealing without feed leakage.4. Special design return air system ensures air current balance in all-dimensional feed in materials.

Features of feed mixing machine

1.the feed mixing machine is horizontal tank body, internal and external ribbon screw with special structure.

2.Stable operation, realiable quality, low noise, long service time, convenient installation

and maintain.

3. Its high mixing speed and mixing uniformity, specially apply to mix Powder-powder, Powder-liquid material

specification of feed mixing machine

Condition: New Place of Origin: henan China (Mainland) Brand Name:
Model Number: SLHS Feed Mixer Type: Mixer Voltage: 110-380V
Power(W): 2,200-74,000 Dimension(L*W*H): 3m*2m*4m Weight: 7000 kg
Certification: ISO9001:2008 & CE Warranty: 2 Years After-sales Service Provided:
Overseas service center available
Mix Machine Capacity: 0.1-4 ton/batch Mix Machine Power: 2.2-74 kW Mix Machine Type: Paddle
Mix Machine Orign: China Mix Machine Circle Type: Double – circle