home use flat die pellet mill for making pellets

Flat die pellet mill  is best selling now for home use or to do trail

experiment. the home use flat die pellet mill can press 2-10mm diameter biomass fuel pellet,

animal feed and fertilizer pellets, raw biomass fuel materials can

be waste from sawdust, rice husk, agricultural stalk, straw, peanut

shell, sun flower, paper ect; animal feed materials can be grain,

soybean, maize ect, fertilizer materials can be animal manure and

so on. pellet diameter and  length can be adjusted.

Main Features of pellet mill

  1. This series pellet making machine is mainly used for compressing wood chips, peanut shell, palm slag, beet pulp, rice hull, cotton stalk, cotton seed hull, grass into pellet through advanced technical method.
  2. the home use flat die pellet mill increases 20% of the capacity of pellet with the good quality gear transmission than the belt drive.
  3. the flat die home use pellet mill has Novel structure, low noise, easy and safe to operate, low fault, etc.
  4. the home use pellet mill is Easy to check and maintain.
  5. the flat die pellet mill has Low cost and high capacity.

125 small pellet machine CE_Approved_feed_pellet_machine



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