stick shape charcoal fuel making machine

This charcoal making machine is applicable to make all kinds of powder or granule into different shapes. the charcoal making machine can make shisha charcoal from charcoal powder. 
The output charcoal is in high density, smooth surface, perfect shape and 
good appearance. Meanwhile, the charcoal briquette making machine is easy for combustion, no smell and last longer when burning. The 
density of the finished product also can be adjustable.
We can supply different molds to make different shapes, such as square, 
oblong, annularity, diamond, triangle, cylinder, cone, etc. According to 
customer’s requirement.
raw materials required
1.For using material of two or more types, It should be mixed in suitable form
2.size:samaller than 5mm , if the material can not accheive the reuirment, 
the raw materials  should be crushed first with hammer mill shredder
3moisture :8-12%,If raw material has high moisture it should be reduced 
by Sun drying or using flash drie
4.the feed material should be even
5.there is another one type pellet mill which is used to make small wood pellets,it is portable and very suitable for home use.
1 wood briquette 2011672318121


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