flat die wood pellet mill making solid fuel

Flat die wood pellet mill, which also known as wood pellet press are used for the compression of waste materials into solid pellets.These pellets, sometimes known as bio-pellets or fuel pellets, can be used as fuel for heating.The pellets are made by compacting the mash or meal into many small holes in a die The die is usually round and the pellets are pushed from the inside to the outside. The main models of pellet machine are: Flat Die Pellet Machine, Ring Die Pellet Machine, Rotating Roller Pellet Making Machine, Small Mobile Pellet Making Machine, complete wood pellet line, etc. 

features of wood pellet mill

1,the flat die wood pellet mill is belong to our newest design in China,which producing effency more better than old type

2,It have reducer motor with high quality 

3,The electric motor is formly contact with pellet machine.so will have very firm stable working.

4,Our wood pellet mill machine and matched machine line already pass through CE,ISO,CNCA,ETC certificates.quality have warrenty

5,the flat die wood pellet mill have very wide usage for different kinds farm waste,forest waste,can bring huge profit for our end user

CE_Approved_feed_pellet_machine IMGSRC_20130705152934_86


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