what performance does pellet making mill act

1.Transmission gears of the pellet mill is made of high quality alloy steel,surface adopts carburizing and quenching treatment,with precision machining by grinding,smooth,transmission,low noise,large carrying capacity,low temperature rise,long life etc.

2.Spindle of a pellet mill with a heavy thrust bearing,support axial force,long lifespan.

3.Roller and flat die wear peace deal;both sides can use the flat die,long service life.

4.the Pellet making machine uses large diameter roller,big yield,pelletizing rate is high,uniform high strength pellets.

5.All bearings are sealed structure that effectively prevent dust,improve the working bearings environment,extending bearing life.

6. Our gears are made of high quality case-hardened nitrogen-alloyed steel. wood pellet making mill machine not only imparts durability, but also strengthens efficiency, reduces noise, increases the machine’s weight/force bearing capacity and lowers temperatures in the gear box.
7. The main shaft is designed to endure heavy loads and bear strong axial forces, thus the durability is increased.
8. Utilizes large-diameter roller to increase the pelletization rate, pellet uniformity and pellet strength.
9. Rollers and dies are constructed with a wear-resistant surface. Besides, both sides of the die can be used, thus its usable life is lengthened.
10. All bearings are sealed to prevent the accumulation of dust.
11. Users are able to decide making pellets of different diameters at the range of 6-12mm.


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