farm land helper/corn threshing machine from China

Corn threshing machine is an economic agricultural machine widely used for threshing the corn from the corn bran. The corn threshing machine can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine, instead of the traditional hand control work, which can not only make the work more easier, also can help improve the capacity. the main structure of the corn sheller machine has stander frame,feeding hole,rollers,discharging hole and so on.when maize goes into the machine,the rollers rotates,friction, Extrusion and propulsion to remove the kernels from the corn cob,because the roller is made of rubber, the kernels will not be broken,this type is just single threshing machine

features of corn threshing machine

1.The corn threshing machine combines peeling and threshing into one process, it would achieve peeling and threshing process in one time directly.
2. the corn threshing machine can accomplish the two tasks at same time or separately according to the client’s requirement.
3. Its separation rate of grain is high without breaking grains. It is more suitable for family and farm use.

maize peeler machine corn threshing machine