what equipment fertilizer production line includes

The whole fertilizer production line includes: fertilizer pellet mill,rotary drum dryer,rotary drum cooling machine,rotary drum coating machine,Crusher, rotary screening machine, Packaging Machines, belt conveyor and other accessories. this fertilizer production line is mainly used to granulating compound or organic fertilizers granules using material of npk ,dap organic materials and others into compound or organic pellets. Organic
fertilizer production line widely use to production organic fertilizer granular.  The raw material can be chicken manure,animal manure.organic waste,

food waste,sludge, biogas manure.The organic fertilizer production line 

have two part: fermentation part and granulation part.

Feature of fertilizer production line

1.the fertilizer production line is equipped with advanced fertilizer
manufacturing technique, this fertilizer production line can finish
fertilizer granulation in one process.

2.  Adopts advanced granulator, granulating ratio is up to  93 %, high intensity of granules.
3.The inner cylinder body adopts high quality rubber plate lining structure 

which prevents the raw material from sticking on the plate.
4. the fertilizer production line has wide adaptability of raw materials,
suitable for organic fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fodder and so on
5. the fertilizer production line has high-quality, stable performance, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials components, abrasion proof,
low energy consumption, long service lifespan, easy maintenance and
operation, etc.

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flat die roller press fertilizer granulator machine for bio fertilizer granules

flat die roller press fertilizer granulator adopts pressing roller and the linear velocity of its ends is the same with the die one, therefore it’s not appearing dislocation and friction, decreasing the resistance, reducing the kinetic energy loss, extending the life of the mold and reducing the production costs.the pellet mill adopts central screw rod to adjust the pressure, and the distance of mould can be long and short to ensure the effect of pressing, so can suit for different materials.

features of flat die fertilizer granulator

1)  flat die fertilizer pellet mill  has the safe electronic control system, complete with CE standard operating system, stop button can be in emergency fast closing machine.

2)  flat die roller press fertilizer granulator  is easier to clean, faster and easier to change die and roller. the fertilizer granulator is small and lightweight, which makes small-scale production possible.

3)  flat die roller press fertilizer granulator  is visibility.the fertilizer granulator is possible to view into the chamber when pelletizing, so you can solve any problem in time.

4)  flat die roller press fertilizer granulator is suitable for home use or small enterprises producing feed pellet, it is configured to electricity motor, it is mobile flexible and simple to operate.

animal feed mill 26

low energy animal manure drying machine with high efficiency

rotary drum dryer mainly consists of revolution body, raise material board, transmission device, supportive device and sealing ring, etc.The heat sources of the animal manure drying machine is from the combustion train, and is adopts down-flow heating methods. When the materials enter into the body of the animal manure drying machine from the feeding device, it will be pushed back by the spire raising board. As the animal manure drying machine is in an inclined position, the materials will be down to the lower end under the influence of gravity and rotation, but the raising board will be threw to the upper end for scattering. This procession makes the material well-distributed in the body, and then ensure the heat exchange with the heat wind

working principle and features of manure drying machine

1.New type cow manure drying machine has new type heat pipe structure, give material an indirect heated dryer.after drying manure,you can use fertilizer granulator to turn manure into organic fertilizer,or use pellet mill to press manure and grass into feed pellets for animals

2. Under the traction of hot air blower,enter and heating heat pipe,heat pipe heat transfer to the material,due to material and heat pipe to full contact,so the drying out of material to is better than common cow manure dryer’s drying effect of the market.

3. The new type cow manure dryer‘s device enables real-time water vapor emitted from the top, and the end of the steam heat recovery and utilization, is a new type high efficient energy- saving drying equipment.

4. New cow manure drying machine has over 28 years’ experience, independent of the development and production of a new type of high efficiency energy – saving drying equipment.

5. Cow manure drying machine uses heat pipe indirect to materials heating, materials and heat source to full contact, steam to real- time from the top of device , heat source use hot-blast stove heating not consumption, with dry effect good, and structure reasonable, and output big, and energy consumption low.

animal manure dryer supplied to America poultry farmer

The rotary drum dryer is a type of industrial animal manure dryer to reduce or minimize the moisture content of the material.it can be used for drying animal manure,fertilizer granules,sludge,wood sawdust etc many high moisture materials.after drying manure,it can be used with fertilizer granulator machine to produce organic fertilizer or with pellet mill to process animal feed.the animal manure dryer is handling by bringing it into direct contact with a heated gas. before drying,if using a animal manure separator to remove much water,that can reduce the drying energy.The animal manure dryer is made up of a large, rotating cylindrical tube, usually supported by concrete columns or steel beams. This gas stream can either be moving toward the discharge end from the feed end, or toward the feed end from the discharge end. The gas stream can be made up of a mixture of air and combustion gases from a burner, in which case the animal manure dryer is called a direct heated dryer. Alternatively, the gas stream may consist of air or another gas that is preheated. When the gas stream is preheated by some means where burner combustion gases do not enter the animal manure dryer, the alfalfa dryer known as an indirect-heated type. Often, indirect heated alfalfa dryer is used when product contamination is a concern. In some cases, a combination of direct-indirect heated alfalfa dryer is also available to improve the overall efficiency.

Applicable Range:

1.the animal manure can dry materials which water content is 90%
to the end products by one time.

2.It can be used in metallurgy, building materials,food,light industry,

chemicals,coal medicine and mining industry

3.A good manure dryer equipment for the development and
utilization of city sludge.

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drum fertilizer cooler machine used in fertilizer production line

When through the rotary drum dryer, the fertilizer granules are so hot, the rotary drum cooler is used for cooling the fertilizer granule, the drum fertilizer cooler machine can directly cool the granules of compound fertilizers quickly from 65-85 degree to close room temperature, to facilitate the timely package, prevent from caking in storage process. the drum fertilizer cooler machine used with fertilizer pellet machine,rotary drum dryer,fertilizer granulator to make up whole fertilizer plant.the drum fertilizer cooler machine adopts counter-current cooling, cooling effect is good, operation is steady, own a good work environment and strong adaptability, and other characteristics.Rotary cooling machine is one of the main equipments in rotary kiln production system. Its role is to cool the 1000~1300clinker from rotary kiln to 200 and below by heating exchange of moving materials and airflow inside the rotating barrel. The quality and grind ability after cooling down is improved. The air from cooling clinker is injected into kiln, as secondary circulating air, raising the thermal efficiency of kiln.   High Efficiency 2.*0m rotary cooling machine for fertilizer making
 features of drum fertilizer cooler
1. the drum fertilizer cooler machine is with specially reasonable design of lifting flights to maximize heat transfer between the material and cooling air.
2. The cooling air passes through the rotary drum body with small resistance, low energy consumption.
3. the drum fertilizer cooler machine has wide application range, our rotary cooling machine has a strong adaptability of materials and can be used to cool various materials.
4. the drum cooler fertilizer machine has compact structure, easy to clean and maintain, high cooling efficiency, stable and reliable performance, and high adaptability, high production capacity, and long service life. 
5.the drum fertilizer cooler machine has simple structure, low 
rate malfunction, convenient operation, low cost of maintenance, stable
6. the drum fertilizer cooler machine has wide usage, can be used for the 
drying of different materials in powder, granule, strip, lump, large elasticity
of operation. Output is allowed to have larger fluctuations in manufacturing,
but not allowed to influence the quality of the products.
drum fertilizer cooler machine drum fertilizer cooler machine

animal manure screw dewatering press machine for cattel farm

Raw poultry manure can be separated into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer by screw dewatering press. Liquid organic fertilizer can be directly used for crop use absorption , solid organic fertilizer can be shipped directly to Quefei regions may also play a role in improving soil structure , and can be made through a pellet machine after the fermentation of organic fertilizer The cattle manure dewatering equipment uses the pump to pull the
fowl manure .cow dung into the Dewater equipment. The material through
the screen and then pressed by the screw.The rotary speed of the machine 
can reach 45r/min Within the press of the screen and high speed,the 
material will dewatered by the machine and the water will enter into the
pool though the screen.
 impressed features of screw manure press
1 , fecal residue after separation mix grass chaff stir , add bacteria fermentation, granulated organic fertilizer made of composite , in which nitrogen 2.17% , 1.86% phosphorus , 1.15% potassium , organic matter 20%.
2, meanwhile the granular fertilizer can be made .
3 , for the flowers , special economic crop fertilization, soil organic matter can be transformed .
4 , selling organic fertilizer availability of additional economic benefits.
5.the manure screw dewatering press is small; low rotate speed;
simple operation; convenient installation and maintenance; low cost; 
high efficiency; fast investment return, no need to add any flocculating agent.
6. manure screw dewatering press will separate the original livestock
manure to liquid and solid organicfertilizer: the liquid organic fertilizer
can be directly used for crops; thesolid organic fertilizer can be shipped to
regions that lack of fertilizer to improve the soil structure.
7. the solid dung can also be made into granulate fish feed.

manure screw dewatering press manure screw dewatering press

compound/organic fertilizer granules press granulator with low price

This fertilizer granulator machine is used to make all kinds of fertilizer pellets.The raw material can be compressed directly in the normal temperature.the fertilizer pellet mill not only applies to make the multi element compound fertilizer, but also applies to rare earth,animal manure,organic bio fertilizer granulation. Such as, urea ammonium bicarbonate, chloride, ammonia, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride and so on. Besides, the drying equipment is no need and it with the high intensity, low temperature, low energy consumption.

the fertilizer granules press granulator machine combine granulating, forming, screening into one machine, making beautiful appearance granules, easy operation and low energy consumption, etc. The main components, such as the roller body, is made of a new type of metal which is anti corrosive,wearable and impact resistance. Especially, the pellet machine not only has the above features, but also upgrades its rack. The bearing frame body is made of high quality and anticorrosive cast materials, so that it become more stable and extends the roller’s service life.

features and advantages of fertilizer press granulator

1. Compound fertilizer granulating machine not only applies to make the multielement compound fertilizer,but also applies to rare earth magnetic fertilizer granulation,Such as,urea ammonium bicarbonate,chloride,
ammonia,ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride and so on.
2. The drying equipment is no need,and the fertilizer granules press granulator with the high intensity,low temperature,low energy consumption .
3. It has the features of advanced technology,rational design,compact structure, novelty and practicality,low energy consumption, fit to relevant equipment.the fertilizer granules press granulator machine can form continuous, mechanical production lines with 15,000T to 100,000T annual output.

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