small scale fertilizer granulation machine/twin-roller press machine

This is a double roller granulator that can make the compound materials or organic materials into specific shape of the molding. this type fertilizer granulator is multifunction which is widely used in chemical, petrochemical industry, pharmacy, food, and organic fertilizer plant ,environmental protection, According to the structure and working principle,this pellet machine can be divided into CF type rotary belt condensing granulator flat shape twin roller press machine for fertilizer to dry granulator roll tooth granulator disc vacuum condensing granulator etc.the fertilizer pellet mill can optimize the formula, adopts no-drying process, production in normal temperature and once forming products. The quality of its products is in conformity with the technical specification of the compound and blending fertilizers. Especially, the double roll palletization of rare earth ammonium bicarbonate compound fertilizer fills a blank in China.

Features of roller press machine

1. The roller press fertilizer granulation machine is one necessary equipment in fertilizer product line, using for making ball shape pellets.
2. the roller press fertilizer granulation machine adopts the whole round arc structure, which can make sure the rate of granulation up to 93%.
3. It is applicable to smaller scale fertilizer production of medium and low concentration.raw material suitability is wide, and can be used in
the compound fertilizer material, medicine,chemical, food, coal, metallurgy,
etc. Various kinds of raw material granulation, and   5.the roller press fertilizer press machine can produce all kinds of concentration,
a variety of types compound fertilizer.
6, especially rare earth, Ammonium bicarbonate,ammonium sulfate is
compound fertilizer granulation fill a blank in China, the leading
domestic level, is the national environmental protection technology
for the promotion of the  project.

1 对辊挤压造粒机 2

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