animal manure screw dewatering press machine for cattel farm

Raw poultry manure can be separated into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer by screw dewatering press. Liquid organic fertilizer can be directly used for crop use absorption , solid organic fertilizer can be shipped directly to Quefei regions may also play a role in improving soil structure , and can be made through a pellet machine after the fermentation of organic fertilizer The cattle manure dewatering equipment uses the pump to pull the
fowl manure .cow dung into the Dewater equipment. The material through
the screen and then pressed by the screw.The rotary speed of the machine 
can reach 45r/min Within the press of the screen and high speed,the 
material will dewatered by the machine and the water will enter into the
pool though the screen.
 impressed features of screw manure press
1 , fecal residue after separation mix grass chaff stir , add bacteria fermentation, granulated organic fertilizer made of composite , in which nitrogen 2.17% , 1.86% phosphorus , 1.15% potassium , organic matter 20%.
2, meanwhile the granular fertilizer can be made .
3 , for the flowers , special economic crop fertilization, soil organic matter can be transformed .
4 , selling organic fertilizer availability of additional economic benefits.
5.the manure screw dewatering press is small; low rotate speed;
simple operation; convenient installation and maintenance; low cost; 
high efficiency; fast investment return, no need to add any flocculating agent.
6. manure screw dewatering press will separate the original livestock
manure to liquid and solid organicfertilizer: the liquid organic fertilizer
can be directly used for crops; thesolid organic fertilizer can be shipped to
regions that lack of fertilizer to improve the soil structure.
7. the solid dung can also be made into granulate fish feed.

manure screw dewatering press manure screw dewatering press

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