drum fertilizer cooler machine used in fertilizer production line

When through the rotary drum dryer, the fertilizer granules are so hot, the rotary drum cooler is used for cooling the fertilizer granule, the drum fertilizer cooler machine can directly cool the granules of compound fertilizers quickly from 65-85 degree to close room temperature, to facilitate the timely package, prevent from caking in storage process. the drum fertilizer cooler machine used with fertilizer pellet machine,rotary drum dryer,fertilizer granulator to make up whole fertilizer plant.the drum fertilizer cooler machine adopts counter-current cooling, cooling effect is good, operation is steady, own a good work environment and strong adaptability, and other characteristics.Rotary cooling machine is one of the main equipments in rotary kiln production system. Its role is to cool the 1000~1300clinker from rotary kiln to 200 and below by heating exchange of moving materials and airflow inside the rotating barrel. The quality and grind ability after cooling down is improved. The air from cooling clinker is injected into kiln, as secondary circulating air, raising the thermal efficiency of kiln.   High Efficiency 2.*0m rotary cooling machine for fertilizer making
 features of drum fertilizer cooler
1. the drum fertilizer cooler machine is with specially reasonable design of lifting flights to maximize heat transfer between the material and cooling air.
2. The cooling air passes through the rotary drum body with small resistance, low energy consumption.
3. the drum fertilizer cooler machine has wide application range, our rotary cooling machine has a strong adaptability of materials and can be used to cool various materials.
4. the drum cooler fertilizer machine has compact structure, easy to clean and maintain, high cooling efficiency, stable and reliable performance, and high adaptability, high production capacity, and long service life. 
5.the drum fertilizer cooler machine has simple structure, low 
rate malfunction, convenient operation, low cost of maintenance, stable
6. the drum fertilizer cooler machine has wide usage, can be used for the 
drying of different materials in powder, granule, strip, lump, large elasticity
of operation. Output is allowed to have larger fluctuations in manufacturing,
but not allowed to influence the quality of the products.
drum fertilizer cooler machine drum fertilizer cooler machine

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