animal manure dryer supplied to America poultry farmer

The rotary drum dryer is a type of industrial animal manure dryer to reduce or minimize the moisture content of the can be used for drying animal manure,fertilizer granules,sludge,wood sawdust etc many high moisture materials.after drying manure,it can be used with fertilizer granulator machine to produce organic fertilizer or with pellet mill to process animal feed.the animal manure dryer is handling by bringing it into direct contact with a heated gas. before drying,if using a animal manure separator to remove much water,that can reduce the drying energy.The animal manure dryer is made up of a large, rotating cylindrical tube, usually supported by concrete columns or steel beams. This gas stream can either be moving toward the discharge end from the feed end, or toward the feed end from the discharge end. The gas stream can be made up of a mixture of air and combustion gases from a burner, in which case the animal manure dryer is called a direct heated dryer. Alternatively, the gas stream may consist of air or another gas that is preheated. When the gas stream is preheated by some means where burner combustion gases do not enter the animal manure dryer, the alfalfa dryer known as an indirect-heated type. Often, indirect heated alfalfa dryer is used when product contamination is a concern. In some cases, a combination of direct-indirect heated alfalfa dryer is also available to improve the overall efficiency.

Applicable Range:

1.the animal manure can dry materials which water content is 90%
to the end products by one time.

2.It can be used in metallurgy, building materials,food,light industry,

chemicals,coal medicine and mining industry

3.A good manure dryer equipment for the development and
utilization of city sludge.

 IMGSRC_20130618093038_77 IMGSRC_20130618093032_82

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