low energy animal manure drying machine with high efficiency

rotary drum dryer mainly consists of revolution body, raise material board, transmission device, supportive device and sealing ring, etc.The heat sources of the animal manure drying machine is from the combustion train, and is adopts down-flow heating methods. When the materials enter into the body of the animal manure drying machine from the feeding device, it will be pushed back by the spire raising board. As the animal manure drying machine is in an inclined position, the materials will be down to the lower end under the influence of gravity and rotation, but the raising board will be threw to the upper end for scattering. This procession makes the material well-distributed in the body, and then ensure the heat exchange with the heat wind

working principle and features of manure drying machine

1.New type cow manure drying machine has new type heat pipe structure, give material an indirect heated dryer.after drying manure,you can use fertilizer granulator to turn manure into organic fertilizer,or use pellet mill to press manure and grass into feed pellets for animals

2. Under the traction of hot air blower,enter and heating heat pipe,heat pipe heat transfer to the material,due to material and heat pipe to full contact,so the drying out of material to is better than common cow manure dryer’s drying effect of the market.

3. The new type cow manure dryer‘s device enables real-time water vapor emitted from the top, and the end of the steam heat recovery and utilization, is a new type high efficient energy- saving drying equipment.

4. New cow manure drying machine has over 28 years’ experience, independent of the development and production of a new type of high efficiency energy – saving drying equipment.

5. Cow manure drying machine uses heat pipe indirect to materials heating, materials and heat source to full contact, steam to real- time from the top of device , heat source use hot-blast stove heating not consumption, with dry effect good, and structure reasonable, and output big, and energy consumption low.

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