Are you looking for urea-based compound fertilizer equipment?

Are you looking for urea-based compound fertilizer granulator equipment?
Are you going to upgrade your existing fertilizer equipment?
If your answer is YES, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide not only high quality urea granulation process equipment, but also upgrade services for organic fertilizer production equipment.We are a urea granulation machine manufacturer in China. In addition to urea-based compound fertilizer production line, we can also provide many other types of fertilizer equipment, such as NPK compound fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer equipment, to name a few.

This type of compound fertilizer rotary drum granulator equipment utilizes melted-urea as the main nitrogen source. During granulation process of fertilizer production, melted-urea will be mixed with other raw materials by coating on these materials.As a matter of fact, melted-urea has several functions during fertilizer production. It firstly functions as a kind of raw material, and then functions as a liquid to participate in granulating process, and finally produces heat which makes drying process easy.The primary component of our urea granulation process equipment is a spray granulation dryer.



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