New Organic Fertilizer granulator is the latest product of fertilizer machinery

new organic fertilizer granulator is the latest product of institute of fertilizer machinery with years of experience in organic fertilizer processing equipment design and development, which has won the national utility model patent.the new organic fertilizer pellet mill is used for granulation of fermented organic matter to break through conventional granulation process, Before te granulation, no need to dry the raw materials, raw materials and ingredients can be processed directly after smashing a spherical particle,the new organic fertilizer production line granulator can save large amounts of energy.Production of particles as spherical, organic content of up to 100%, granulation achieving pure organics, organic particles can be characteristic of the role must be able to inlay each other growing up, granulation without a bonding agent.Particle strong granulation to screening, reduced drying energy, raw materials and water included in 20%-40%.

the new organic fertilizer granulator machine is especially for granulating manure organic fertilizer granules. This new design type organic fertilizer granulator machine is developed and designed by our company engineer in recent two years.the new organic fertilizer granulator machinecan granulate all kinds of fermented organic materials like poultry manure straw meals,grass meals,bentonite,organic waste and so on .before granulating, the raw materials is not necessary to be dried because the raw materials water content for the new organic fertilizer granulator machine can be 30–55%,and can granulate crushed raw materials directly. 


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