Rotary dryer can reduce coal moisture from 40-50% to less than 5%

Rotary dryer can reduce coal moisture from 40-50% to less than 5%, fuel can be coal, natural gas, oil. rotary dryer consist of shell, front and rear supporting wheels, feeding and discharge device, gear device  and gear cap. Because of
the adoption of reasonable working parameters, rotary dryer, which used with rotary drum granulator to make up of a complete whole compound fertilizer production line,can save 10-15% energy and increase production by 10-15%,which is manufactured by victor machinery.the Rotary dryer’s heat source is a combustion apparatus.the rotary dryer adopts direct flow heating with heat source from firing unit. The material to be dried is pushed back immediately by spiral board after going in the shell from feeding tank or feeding chute. Because the drier is installed in an inclined position, material flows to the back end under gravity and rotation force. At the same time,the rotary dryer is lifted by board repeatedly and thrown down accordingly, which makes the material form an even curtain, so that the rotary dryer can exchange heat sufficiently with the heat flow. 

features of rotary dryer

1.The final moisture of raw materail can be 1%-15% what is adjustable.
2.The special internal structure of wood chip rotary dryer ensure the wet materials that will not block and stick the dryer.
3.fertilizer rotary dryer can resist the high temperature so that it can dry the material quickly and have a large capacity.
4.fertilizer rotary dryer can use coal,oil,gas,biomass as fuel.
5.We can provide you the new way to use few fuel so that you will get low drying cost.
6.We can provide the dedusting equipment to ensure the wood chip rotary dryer won’t harm our environment.
7.fertilizer rotary dryer is easy to operate and maintain.


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