This series flexible wheat thresher machine perform once threshing and separation of wheat grain, wheat ear, wheat bran

This series flexible wheat thresher machine perform once threshing and
separation of wheat grain, wheat ear, wheat bran,The motorized wheat
thresher, in an operation mode of combining threshing machine, air
separation and screening, can perform once threshing and separation
of wheat grain, wheat ear, wheat bran and wheat tailing.the wheat thresher machine manufactured by victor machinery co ltd is characterized by
reasonable structure,high threshing rate, low loss rate and low energy
consumption, thereby saving labor and material resource, shortening
the wheat harvesting period and winning appreciation from customers; the wheat thresher machine is widely applied to wheat and rice production
regions in rural areas, plains,semi-mountainous areas, and so on

features of wheat thresher machine

1. the wheat thresher machine has simple structure, reliable operation

2. assignments of good quality, each index has reached national relevant specification.

3.the wheat thresher machine can be adaptable,can thresh wet wheat, also can thresh rice, corn and other grain. Multifunction  operation.

4.the use of safe, convenient maintenance, occupy small place



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