How corn thresher machine works:

Corn thresher machine is the corn equipment that put the corn outer skin peeling off after the corn harvest.the corn sheller replaces the manual stripping tension and heavy labor, reducing the labor intensity, improve production efficiency, its broken rate is less than 1%, loss rate lower than 2%. the corn thresher machine manufactured by victor machinery can finish husker homework well, replace manual operations, improve the work efficiency. the maize shelling machine also can peel the skin of corn and thresh the corn at same time or in separate, according to the client’s requirement.

How corn maize husker machine works:

When the corn thresher machine starts working, the corns go into the cylinder chamber through the feed port, under the rotation, friction, extrusion and propulsion of the rubber roller, corn husk is separated from the corncob, corn husk and corn cob are discharged automatically.

In operation, the corncobs will get into the working space through feed hopper. Connected to the motor by pulley and V-belt, the driving shaft can reach a speed of 550-600 rev / min. The design of spiral rolling belt can help push the corncobs to the corn thresher machine outlet, and the metal strip on the rubber roller is used to slice the corn peel, then the opened peel will be clamped and torn up by the roller shaft rotating at both sides, and completely peel the corncobs off.


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