The corn sheller is used to thresh the corn seeds from cob

The corn sheller is used to thresh the corn seeds from cob, not breaking the cobs .the corn sheller has high quality and easy operate which is very suitable for home use. the corn thresher machine is used to peel the skin of corn and make the maize removed from the cob only work once. the maize threshing machine is a kind of multifunctional machine. the corn sheller can peel the skin and remove the corn form the cob. the corn thresher is high frequency and can be connected with Strap type tractor in the front with two v-blet (B2400). We use zhengzhou victor machinery TM series type diesel engine for you and add two wheels. So that it can be trailed by tractor.This is our new heavy corn thresher; the net weight is 115kg, very stronger!

Features  of electrical corn sheller :

1.Extractor fan is used to separate corn kernels, cobs and corn silk

2.the corn sheller is Shelling without breaking corn cobs

3.the corn sheller is Powered either by electricity motor, diesel/gasoline engine.

4.the corn sheller has High efficiency and stable performance.

5.the corn sheller Can thresh wet wheat, also can thresh rice, corn and other


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