corn shelling machine is specialized to thresh the corn and maize

This model corn shelling machine is specialized to thresh the corn and maize from the plant straw and berry cover. Also the corn threshing machine can thresh the corn, but are not be with good effect .This corn shelling machine consists of the feed hopper, roller ,screen, frame etc.When the corn sheller machine in operation, firstly put the crops into machine from feeder,
and the crops will be rubbed, squeezed, collided and shaken by assembly
of rack and screen mesh, then to make the grain seperated from culm,
then flowing out from the screen mesh. Finally, the culm will be thrown
out by centrifugation of roller, and threshing is finished .except the corn shelling machine,victor machinery also supplies wheat threshing machine

features of corn shelling machine

1. Rational designed:

The entire corn shelling machine is made by stainless steel with trundles for moving conveniently. The exit parts of the corn shelling machine have the fan to get out of the waste.

2. High efficiency:

It adjusts the size of corn sticks according to automatically, fitting for all kinds of corn. The depth of threshing could be adjusted. Stripping rate of sweet corn can reach to 100%.

3. Simple operation:

Discharging ostium with a powerful blower to blow impurityand making corn grain clean and perfectly.

4. Strong adaptability:

corn shelling machine fits to mass production in factory with Pipelining, and also fit to Process in home. corn shelling machine could be used as the produce line as well as the home use.


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