The corn sheller machine is designed for seperating the corn from the corn body

The new design corn sheller machine is designed for seperating the corn from the corn body, which is a good helper for farmers. In the corn harvest time, it is instead of the traditional manual labor, which can also save time and more labor. high working efficiency, low energy consumption, which is welcomed by farmers very much.This corn thresher combinations are special used for corn threshing. They feature on easy adjustment and usage, high threshing performance without breaking the corn cob, low breakage rate and so on.This corn sheller thresher machine are mainly used for processing and sorghum peeled millet rice milling into rice, as well as corn, wheat, barley, mung bean, buckwheat, soybean and other grain and Chinese medicine belvedere fruit, barley peeling.

Advantage of new design corn sheller

1.This is a multifunctional new design corn sheller machine, combining the function of shelling and threshing together.

2.Corn Peeling Shelling Threshing can peel the skin and remove the maize from the cob at the same time. 

3.According to the dynamic type can be divided into electric motor and diesel engine,this machine can be connected with electric motor and diesel engine. 


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