600, and 800 series waste metal crusher are best for aluminium material crush

600, and 800 series waste metal crusher which is supplied by zhegnzhou victor machinery are best for aluminium material crush,or small quantity and thin metal material crushing. Such as beer can, paint can, aluminum or iron can, thin iron plate, chocolate box, glass bottle, hard pp plastic, wood chip or branch, wood sheet.1000 and bigger series metal shredder machine are for large size iron, or steel material crushing. like bicycle, motorcycle, oil drum, waste steel plate(thickness less than 5mm)

Features and benefits of waste metal crusher

1 the waste metal crusher has large twist force, no noise, high output and wearable.

2 the waste metal crusher has high crushing ratio and high efficiency. The output granule is evenly and adjustable.

3 The driven device has safe electric protection in case of any damage.

4 The whole the waste metal crusher adapts horizontal structure, which is convenient to process the chip materials and also effectively reduce chip material size, save storage space.

5 the waste metal crusher has simple structure, easy maintenance and low cost.

Application of the waste metal crusher

1.All kinds of cans ,eg ,Aluminium can, metal pail,  metal can, drink can.

2.All kinds of metal scrap,eg,steel scrap, iron scrap,etc

This waste metal crusher machine can make the can become very small spheroid so that the transportation expenses can be greatly reduced.


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