This kind of small pellet mill is mainly used to make animal feed like chicken food pellet ,duck food pellet

This kind of small pellet mill is mainly used to make animal feed like chicken food pellet ,duck food pellet, floating fish feed pellet ,sheep feed ,and so on .raw materials can be alfalfa ,grass meal ,straw meal, corn meal, rice husk and so on. Pelleted feeds have been defined as agglomerated feeds formed by extruding individual ingredients or mixtures by compacting and forcing through die openings by any mechanical process. Basically, the process of pelleting is to take a finely divided, sometimes dusty, unpalatable and difficult-to-handle feed material and ,by using heat , moisture and pressure , form it into larger particles. These particles are easier to handle, more palatable and usually result in improved feeding results when compared to the unpelleted feed. By combining moisture, heat , and pressure on feed ingredients , a degree of gelatinization is produced which allows animals and poultry to better utilize the nutrients in these ingredients.The raw material for this feed pellet making machine can be the food grain like corn, wheat and the crushed waste from agriculture for example, corn straw, groundnut shell, grass, wheat bran, sawdust, and animal manure and so on, they can be pressed into both feed stuffs for many kinds of animals and biomass fuel, the diameter of the pellet can be 1.5-12 mm, when processing ,the lower temperature can maintain the nutrition of the products. And through general extrusion, the feed pellet mill can kill micro-organisms, parasites to prevent disease and to store it easily.

features of this small pellet machine
1,the small pellet mill is suitbale for small farm  to produce animal feed or fuel pellet

2,the small pellet mill could produce diameter 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,8mm pellet

3,the small pellet mill is suitbale for making the biomass, sawdust pellet, etc.

4,Our the small pellet mill and matched machine line already pass through CE,ISO,CNCA,ETC certificates.quality have warrenty

5,the small pellet mill have very wide usage for different kinds farm waste,forest waste,can bring huge profit for our end user

this series small pellet mill high output, continuous working ability

this series small pellet mill  high output, continuous working ability of feed particles machine! the small pellet mill is easy to operate, designed for beef, lamb, chicken, duck, goose to wait to farmers design,mainly to solve the rural lots of wheat, soybeans,corn straw utilization rate is low.users can also need according to oneself with people of various materials how to process after mixing ratio, unlike other into feed pellet making machine must limit toppings, straw powder proportion, in order to save production cost.
the feed pellet mill can also will straw processed into fuel grain, used to burn.and the high hardness, made of granular surface is smooth,
internal maturation degree, can increase nutrition sufficent digestion absorption, and the small pellet mill can kill general pathogenic
microorganisms and parasites, the small pellet mill is suitable for feeding rabbit, fish, ducks and other animals than
mixed powder feed, can obtain more economic benefits.the small pellet mill can press high density pellets , for biomass , density can reach 1.1-1.4ton/m3, diameter can be adjusted from 2-8mm , there is knive installed nearby the outlet door, which can adjust pellet length when small pellet mill works, it is flat die rotates and then take rollers work, but the whole roller assemble is stable . in this way will keep all materials piles up in the center of die , increase machine capacity and pelletizing efficiency.

Main Chracters of small pellet mill

1, the small pellet mill has simple structure, suitability is wide, cover an area of an area small, low noise.

2, the small pellet mill has powder feed, toppings don’t need (or a little) liquid can be added for granulating.

So the moisture content of granule feedstuff materials for granulating basic before the moisture content, more benefit at the store.

3 and the high hardness, made of granular surface is smooth, internal maturation degree, can increase nutrition sufficent digestion 

absorption, and can kill general pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, suitable for feeding rabbit feed pellet,floating fish feed pellet, ducks feed pellet and other animals than mixed powder feed, can obtain more economic benefits.

4, the small pellet mill has Ø 1.5 – Ø 20 multiple aperture mold, adapt to different materials granulation, the best result.

5, the small pellet mill adapt to different materials, ensure suppression effect. Sawdust, corn straw, compression molding 

takes a lot of pressure, in the similar granulating equipment,the roller components is the center of the whole equipment, 

and adopt high quality alloy steel parts, improve the service life of the roller.