This small pellet mill is movable and easy operation.

This small pellet mill is movable and easy operation. the small pellet mill is suitable for home use and small or big enterprises to produce animal feed, biomass pellet fuel and organic/inorganic fertilizer. the small pelle tmill can be worked by diesel engine or electric motor. These machines are Eco-friendly, clean and energy saving. The mechanical strength of  Small Home Use Wood Pellet Mill/Pallet Mill for Burning Stove is 3-4 times than our domestic KL-Series / 9PK-Series which are mainly used to make animal feedstuff, while our MZLP-Series Small Home Use Wood Pellet Mill/Pallet Mill for Burning Stove is designed specially to make biomass/wood pellet. The thickness of the Template will affect the quality of the pellet. When the Template is thicker, the feed pellet mill is equal that the pelletizing process is longer, so the density of pellet will be higher, and the appearance of pellet will be smoother. And the life of the Template will be longer.small scale feed pellet making machine is our company most popular pellet mill machine,and the feed extruder machine is suitable for family and small and middle type factory can use the machine to make particles for feed animals and wood,what’s more,and the machine can suitable many kinds of raw materials ,such as vegetable seeds,corn seed,soybean,wood chips,pine tree,straw,etc

features of  small pellet mill :

1. We manufacture the machines in accordance with the European standard.
2. All of our machines have passed CE certificate.
3. Our flat die type pellet machine is for pressing biomass materials to be solid pellets which is for burning or animal feed.
4. You can use nearly all kinds of biomass as raw materials, such as agricultural waste, straw, fodder, forestry wastes, lumber leftover, sawdust, wood chips and so on.
5. As for the power, you can choose the gasoline engine driven, diesel engine driven or electric motor driven. And we have many different models with different output, they can meet different required capacity.

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