Our peanut oil press machine is an advanced oil pressing machinery nowadays

Our peanut oil press machine is an advanced oil pressing machinery nowadays in edible oil market. we have two series: Semi-automatic series and Fully-automatic series,the oil press machine is used for both cold and hot oil extrusion process from a wide range of oil plants, such as peanuts, rapeseed, cotton seeds, soybean, grape seed, sesame, sunflower seeds, coconut seeds , flax seeds, walnut, almond, plam kernel and so on.the peanut oil press machine is used with peanut roaster machine,our peanut oil press machine enjoys wide popularity in small and large scale oil pressing plants because it can not only press oil but also filter oil by vacuum filtering device, thus saves cooking oil extracting time & cost and simplifies oil pressing. Our peanut oil press machine is composed of feeder, gearbox, pressing cage, screw shaft and machine stand etc.The Fully-automatic oil machine also have oil filter and heating system.the peanut oil press machine utilize the screw shaft that is setup with different styles of screws and rotates when the peanut oil press machine is running to push the material into chamber. Then the oil is separated out through the extrusion of pressing worm and pressing ring.

oil-press-6yl-165-_conew1 oil-press-6yl-100-_conew1 oil-press-6yl-95_conew1

oil press machine use and maintenance announcements
1. Please put the machine in a stable place.

2.No water,no wash body by water.

3.Keep machine dry and clean, avoid using in much dusty and oily occasions.

4, Keep machine no stains, please use a clean cloth to wipe it, and wipe it with alcohol when the machine is very dirty, do not use thinner, acetone and other chemicals.

5, In order to damage the machine, please do not put the screws, scrap iron and other debris into the machine.

6, When wiring , please make sure the correct voltage / current is right,

can not connect non-conforming power supply.

7, Non-professional certified repair person, do not open the machine to maintain it.


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