The spiral oil pressing machine is suitable for oconut oil, bean, peanut, soybean, sunflower seed

The spiral sunflower oil press machine is suitable for oconut oil, bean, peanut, soybean, sunflower seed, oil-sunflower rapeseed, sesame, Camellia Oil, olive, corn germ, rice bran, cotton-seed, avocado, Almond, palm,groundnut kernel,lemongrass, palm, seeds of hippophae rhamnoides and so on. Screw oil expeller are mainly composed by shift gears box, press cage, feeder, press screw, and machine frame,peanut almond oil press machine is composed of such components as electric appliance control, hot pressing, adjustment, driving and vacuum oil filter. The squeezing worms is made of alloy steel treated by cannibalization to improve peanut oil press surface hardness and wear resistance, the squeezing bars are grind by surface grinder to ensure the accuracy of oil thread and improve oil extraction rate, the standard and chromium plating technology in accordance with the standards of food hygiene.A kind of automatic oil press,production is not large, but simple and convenient.Almost all of the oil crops can be squeeze  through the oil press or small oil press,including peanut, soybean, oil sunflower, rapeseed, cottonseed, walnut, before making oil,these seeds must be roasted with peanut roaster machine,.

Peanut oil pressing/cotton seed oil press machine  Features:

1.Automatic screw press, the use of vacuum filtering, automatic temperature control function.

 2.Oil products of good quality, taste incense, oil yield  is higher than that of other oil press.

 3.Now is mainly in rural areas to do processing, or areas doing the scene processing in the urban ,this looks more transparent production, so that customers more rest assured.

 4.For the conduct of business have a lot benefits. Now many areas are in accordance with this mode of operation,profit is particularly rich, especially peanut oil and sesame oil.

 5.Use field processing method,because the product price is more expensive,there are often fake and inferior in the market,adverse to health,but this way of processing,compared to meet user needs to pay attention to genuine goods at a fair price,is now the main use of urban areas.


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