self sorbing screw press dewatering machine/automatic feeding

dewatering screw press manufactured by victor machinery are designed to accept a free-drained feed material in a 40-60% water content range and dewater the material by expression to a discharge moisture in the 6-12% range.Commercial size machines are designed to meet the process requirements of the customer.The screw press fertilizer machine is a very simple, slow moving mechanical devise. Dewatering is continuous and is accomplished by gravity drainage at the inlet end of the screw and then by reducing the volume as the material being dewatered is conveyed from the inlet to the discharge end of the screw press. Proper screw design is critical, as different materials require different screw speeds, screw configurations, and screens in order to dewater to a high outlet consistency while maintaining an excellent capture rate. 

Details of screw press dewatering machine

1.This screw press dewatering machine is mainly composed of a host machine, pumps, control cabinet, piping and other parts.This manure fertilizer pellet machine used to reduce the water content of animal dung, acid-sludge, medicine dregs, kitchen rubbish, and many other dregs.

2.The speed of this series solid liquid separator is fast, after separation of waste slag water content between 30-40%, slag quantity and water content can be adjusted, applicable to different ingredients

are you making feed with pellet mill or buying the feed?

are you buying pellet feed or making the feed by yourself?

Do you know how to make your own pelleted feed at home with a pellet mill? First, raw materials need to meet the specification, for instance, the dimension and moisture content should be proper for pelletizing. Second, raw materials are better to further process through feed pulverizing machinery and mix in a feed mixer. Most important process is pelletizing. Under the function of chicken feed making machine, the chicken making machine are finished. While the pellets need to be cooled in a cooler to avoid cracking due to high temperature. Finally, packing feed pellets with a packing machine is to store and transport easily.

animal feed making machine is mainly used to press crushed corn, soybean meal, rice husk, straw, grass to feed pellet for poultry and animal . The pellet making machine has small volume, low noise, simple structure, it can widely applicable to large and small aquaculture, feed processing factory, livestock farms, poultry farms, individualfarmers and series farms.

features and advantages of feed making machine

1. Raw material moisture requirement is 10-15% before enter into the feed making machine

2. The diameter of pellet (final size) could be 1.5mm-60mm, according to customer’s need.

3. The length of pellets can adjust by change cutter’s position.

4. Widely use to press fuel /feed/fertilizer pellets.

animal feed mill 26 feed pellet 3mm