feed hammer mill,corn feed grinder

feed hammer mill

The 9FQ feed hammer mill is a new design feed crusher. The performance of the feed hammer mill  is higher than the normal standard. feed grinder is mainly used in the farms, middle sized feeding factory or for family use. The characters of the feed hammer mill focus on: Simple construction, convenient operation, high efficiency, saving power consumption, and safe condition. It is fitting to grind the yam, peanut, rice and other plants; husks; fresh pachyrhizus, green vegetables and grass.

features of feed hammer mill

1. The poultry feed hammer mill /feed grinder machine can grind various pellet feed materials such as corn, sorghum, wheat, soya, crumbled cake.

2.This poultry feed hammer mill is adopted imported high-quality bearings, with long life and smooth operation.

3. the corn grinder has Impeller feeder equipped with feed conversion and screw conveyor feed speed and other forms of feeder.

4. it is usually used with feed pellet mill in feed industry to make poultry feed pellets.

feed hammer mill



diesel feed shredder machine for lacking electricity


1. The feed crusher machine chamber is of tear circle shape, effectively eliminating the circular flow in the grinding process and getting higher capacity;

2. The bottom of feed shredding chamber is fitted with U-shape double grinding structure, further improving the capacity with evener particle size;

3. All of our rotors pass an accurate dynamic balancing test, resulting in low noise and smooth running. the diesel feed hammer mill has large production capacity which is suitable for feed industry

4. Both coarse and fine grinding can be completed by adjusting the distance between the beater and the screen

5. The high quality bearing is imported from Japan, resulting in long service life and low maintenance cost;

6. The moving full-wide operation door facilitates maintenance and replacing of hammer;

7. It is widely used in various of feed mills, oil plants, alcohol plants, lemon acid plants, etc.

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feed hammer mill crusher for farm animals

1.feed hammer mill Unique inlet  air way avoids  circum fluence  phenomenon in  the crushing process; Equips “U” type hitting groove in the bottom of the crushing chamber, which enhances the output; Quick start full opening operation door, elasticity screen, hammer mill easy to maintain and replace screen.

2.feed Hammer mill Uses import “NSK”bearing to guarantee the service life; hammer mill the nylon stick coupling drives directly,  effectively  avoids  bearing  radiation .

3.feed grinding mill Through dynamic balancing  check,  the rotor  runs more stably,   the noise is lower, and the performance is more ideal,
4.hammer mill Feed port locates  in the top of  pulverizer,  which can  match with  each kind  of feed machines.

Wide application scope:

Animal feed crusher can not only be used for grinding wood, but also be used for grains like husks,maize, wheat,soybeans, peanuts etc, which can be made into feed pellets. The special water dropdesign hammer mill can ensure a large space for grinding chamber and improves working efficiency by 40%.it is used with pellet mill to make feed pellets

Working Principle:
Animal feed crusher consists of delivery device, hammers, screen, rod and rotor on which hammers are mounted. The hammers swing on the central rotor freely. The rotor spins at a high speed while material is sent into a feed hopper. The material is impacted by hammers and is thereby grinded and then discharged through screens in a selected size.