The series feed blender can be used for organic materials, such as the manure life & city waste

The series feed blender can be used for organic materials, such as the manure life & city waste, fungus; also can mix the inorganic elements, such as the calcium 
carbonate, potassium orthophosphate, silicate and othersMeanwhile, the feed mixer 
is with water-adding system, add the liquid when mixing the powder.The mixing 
time is short (3-5 minutes/group), and the coefficient of variation is low (CV<7%).
The operation of the blenders is very easy; low power consumption and high capacity.
The feed blender machine covers a small area, is easy to install and mix.
As its residual amount is small, so the feed blender is suitable for the production
of premix together used with feed pellet making machine to produce
animal feed pellet.this feed mixing machine is applied in the industry of pharmaceutical,
foodstuff,chemical,pesticides,plastic,pigment and cosmetics.Based on data provided by 
our clients,our engineers developed the machine according to various requirements.
Due to our excellent manufacturing technology,the feed blender machine is durable,reliable and safe.The ribbon blender’s range in capacity is from 
0.014m2-14.5m2.There are different options of output power and speed.Optional 
features can be provided to fine tune the feed blender machine to your process.
These include vacuum,jackets for heating or cooling,a choice of material of 
construction,center or end discharge designs choppers and various stuffing box 
options.Laboratory testing is available for you to test the machine and ensure this is 
the one meets your requirement.There are three standards for agitators design:
continuous ribbon,interrupted ribbon,and paddle-type ribbon.They can be arranged 
for either center or end discharge.
Features of feed blender
1. the feed blender has widely used in premix ,feed plants,,additives ,chemical industries , etc
2. The optimized double direction rotating wheels make a fully homogeneous mixing effect, short 
mixing cycle, high uniformity.
3. Special discharge agencies design, opening angle is big and low residual,
4. the feed blender has high efficiency, High homogeneity, Discharge quickly, No leakage.
5.The mixing chamber is constituted by twin screw and atomizing system. The filling seal is adopted 
for ends of shaft to improve tightness and prevent from leakage;
6. the feed blender is equipped with spray device, can be added a variety of liquids. Widely used in premix ,
feed plants,additives ,chemical industries 
7. Mixing Time Is 3-6 Minutes.The Homogeneity Can Reach 10%. 

the feed mixing machine is mainly used to coating, dry powder and chemical industry

the feed mixing machine is mainly used to coating, dry powder and chemical industry Used to mix various dry powder material metered in proportion. Also can be used to mixing feed and cooperate with other feed processing equipment in medium and small sized farm used together with feed pellet making machine to produce feed pellet .This chicken feed mixing machine is characterized with simple and reasonable structure, easy maintenance, low power, safe reliability, high mixing evenness, without residual, excellent tightness etc.Specially designed discharger has big door-opening angle and quick discharging with less residue.We can make stainless steel and carbon steel mixer for your choice. the feed blender has the characteristics of high efficiency, reasonable structure, compact layout, reliable performance and easy maintenance.Single shaft double screw horizontal feed mixer for livestock is one of the most important operations in manufacturing of animal feeds and mixer is considered to be the heart of feed milling operation.One of the main application of mixing machine animal feed is mixing feed ingredients with other micro- ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and other feed additives in the feed pellet mill, which is one of the main products

Features of feed mixing machine

1. the feed mixing machine is suitable for feed factory and fertilizer factory, the best choice for fertilizer factory; 
2. The mixing time is 1~3 minutes, and the homogeneity can reach 10%. It can add water, oil and other liquids; 

3. The discharge door is adopted to slide gate; 
4. Many forms of opening door at the bottom, such as pneumatic, electric and strobe forms, collocate gas seal, avoid leakage of fine materials. 

5. Stainless steel is available.