The series feed blender can be used for organic materials, such as the manure life & city waste

The series feed blender can be used for organic materials, such as the manure life & city waste, fungus; also can mix the inorganic elements, such as the calcium 
carbonate, potassium orthophosphate, silicate and othersMeanwhile, the feed mixer 
is with water-adding system, add the liquid when mixing the powder.The mixing 
time is short (3-5 minutes/group), and the coefficient of variation is low (CV<7%).
The operation of the blenders is very easy; low power consumption and high capacity.
The feed blender machine covers a small area, is easy to install and mix.
As its residual amount is small, so the feed blender is suitable for the production
of premix together used with feed pellet making machine to produce
animal feed pellet.this feed mixing machine is applied in the industry of pharmaceutical,
foodstuff,chemical,pesticides,plastic,pigment and cosmetics.Based on data provided by 
our clients,our engineers developed the machine according to various requirements.
Due to our excellent manufacturing technology,the feed blender machine is durable,reliable and safe.The ribbon blender’s range in capacity is from 
0.014m2-14.5m2.There are different options of output power and speed.Optional 
features can be provided to fine tune the feed blender machine to your process.
These include vacuum,jackets for heating or cooling,a choice of material of 
construction,center or end discharge designs choppers and various stuffing box 
options.Laboratory testing is available for you to test the machine and ensure this is 
the one meets your requirement.There are three standards for agitators design:
continuous ribbon,interrupted ribbon,and paddle-type ribbon.They can be arranged 
for either center or end discharge.
Features of feed blender
1. the feed blender has widely used in premix ,feed plants,,additives ,chemical industries , etc
2. The optimized double direction rotating wheels make a fully homogeneous mixing effect, short 
mixing cycle, high uniformity.
3. Special discharge agencies design, opening angle is big and low residual,
4. the feed blender has high efficiency, High homogeneity, Discharge quickly, No leakage.
5.The mixing chamber is constituted by twin screw and atomizing system. The filling seal is adopted 
for ends of shaft to improve tightness and prevent from leakage;
6. the feed blender is equipped with spray device, can be added a variety of liquids. Widely used in premix ,
feed plants,additives ,chemical industries 
7. Mixing Time Is 3-6 Minutes.The Homogeneity Can Reach 10%. 


the feed mixing machine is mainly used to coating, dry powder and chemical industry

the feed mixing machine is mainly used to coating, dry powder and chemical industry Used to mix various dry powder material metered in proportion. Also can be used to mixing feed and cooperate with other feed processing equipment in medium and small sized farm used together with feed pellet making machine to produce feed pellet .This chicken feed mixing machine is characterized with simple and reasonable structure, easy maintenance, low power, safe reliability, high mixing evenness, without residual, excellent tightness etc.Specially designed discharger has big door-opening angle and quick discharging with less residue.We can make stainless steel and carbon steel mixer for your choice. the feed blender has the characteristics of high efficiency, reasonable structure, compact layout, reliable performance and easy maintenance.Single shaft double screw horizontal feed mixer for livestock is one of the most important operations in manufacturing of animal feeds and mixer is considered to be the heart of feed milling operation.One of the main application of mixing machine animal feed is mixing feed ingredients with other micro- ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and other feed additives in the feed pellet mill, which is one of the main products

Features of feed mixing machine

1. the feed mixing machine is suitable for feed factory and fertilizer factory, the best choice for fertilizer factory; 
2. The mixing time is 1~3 minutes, and the homogeneity can reach 10%. It can add water, oil and other liquids; 

3. The discharge door is adopted to slide gate; 
4. Many forms of opening door at the bottom, such as pneumatic, electric and strobe forms, collocate gas seal, avoid leakage of fine materials. 

5. Stainless steel is available. 

This kind of small pellet mill is mainly used to make animal feed like chicken food pellet ,duck food pellet

This kind of small pellet mill is mainly used to make animal feed like chicken food pellet ,duck food pellet, floating fish feed pellet ,sheep feed ,and so on .raw materials can be alfalfa ,grass meal ,straw meal, corn meal, rice husk and so on. Pelleted feeds have been defined as agglomerated feeds formed by extruding individual ingredients or mixtures by compacting and forcing through die openings by any mechanical process. Basically, the process of pelleting is to take a finely divided, sometimes dusty, unpalatable and difficult-to-handle feed material and ,by using heat , moisture and pressure , form it into larger particles. These particles are easier to handle, more palatable and usually result in improved feeding results when compared to the unpelleted feed. By combining moisture, heat , and pressure on feed ingredients , a degree of gelatinization is produced which allows animals and poultry to better utilize the nutrients in these ingredients.The raw material for this feed pellet making machine can be the food grain like corn, wheat and the crushed waste from agriculture for example, corn straw, groundnut shell, grass, wheat bran, sawdust, and animal manure and so on, they can be pressed into both feed stuffs for many kinds of animals and biomass fuel, the diameter of the pellet can be 1.5-12 mm, when processing ,the lower temperature can maintain the nutrition of the products. And through general extrusion, the feed pellet mill can kill micro-organisms, parasites to prevent disease and to store it easily.

features of this small pellet machine
1,the small pellet mill is suitbale for small farm  to produce animal feed or fuel pellet

2,the small pellet mill could produce diameter 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,8mm pellet

3,the small pellet mill is suitbale for making the biomass, sawdust pellet, etc.

4,Our the small pellet mill and matched machine line already pass through CE,ISO,CNCA,ETC certificates.quality have warrenty

5,the small pellet mill have very wide usage for different kinds farm waste,forest waste,can bring huge profit for our end user

this series small pellet mill high output, continuous working ability

this series small pellet mill  high output, continuous working ability of feed particles machine! the small pellet mill is easy to operate, designed for beef, lamb, chicken, duck, goose to wait to farmers design,mainly to solve the rural lots of wheat, soybeans,corn straw utilization rate is low.users can also need according to oneself with people of various materials how to process after mixing ratio, unlike other into feed pellet making machine must limit toppings, straw powder proportion, in order to save production cost.
the feed pellet mill can also will straw processed into fuel grain, used to burn.and the high hardness, made of granular surface is smooth,
internal maturation degree, can increase nutrition sufficent digestion absorption, and the small pellet mill can kill general pathogenic
microorganisms and parasites, the small pellet mill is suitable for feeding rabbit, fish, ducks and other animals than
mixed powder feed, can obtain more economic benefits.the small pellet mill can press high density pellets , for biomass , density can reach 1.1-1.4ton/m3, diameter can be adjusted from 2-8mm , there is knive installed nearby the outlet door, which can adjust pellet length when small pellet mill works, it is flat die rotates and then take rollers work, but the whole roller assemble is stable . in this way will keep all materials piles up in the center of die , increase machine capacity and pelletizing efficiency.

Main Chracters of small pellet mill

1, the small pellet mill has simple structure, suitability is wide, cover an area of an area small, low noise.

2, the small pellet mill has powder feed, toppings don’t need (or a little) liquid can be added for granulating.

So the moisture content of granule feedstuff materials for granulating basic before the moisture content, more benefit at the store.

3 and the high hardness, made of granular surface is smooth, internal maturation degree, can increase nutrition sufficent digestion 

absorption, and can kill general pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, suitable for feeding rabbit feed pellet,floating fish feed pellet, ducks feed pellet and other animals than mixed powder feed, can obtain more economic benefits.

4, the small pellet mill has Ø 1.5 – Ø 20 multiple aperture mold, adapt to different materials granulation, the best result.

5, the small pellet mill adapt to different materials, ensure suppression effect. Sawdust, corn straw, compression molding 

takes a lot of pressure, in the similar granulating equipment,the roller components is the center of the whole equipment, 

and adopt high quality alloy steel parts, improve the service life of the roller.

The rotating die small pellet mill is traditional type pellet making machine

The rotating die small pellet mill is traditional type pellet making machine,the small pellet mill is good at making feed pellets. Rotating roller type small pellet mill was updated from rotating roller type small pellet mill, it is specially designed for making wood pellets.When you want to make wood pellets, most suppliers maybe will recommend rotating die pellet mill to you.As the price of the feed pellet mill are much lower than rotating roller type small pellet mill. To be honest, if you want to get wood pellets from rotating die small pellet mill, it is almost impossible.The small pellets machine diameter of input materials is 2-6mm, the smaller the better. The moisture of raw materials is about 13%, the moisture of finished pellets is about 10%. The feed extruder machine can be both with motor and diesel engine can satisfy the different customers’ requirements.the feed extruder machine  is for pressing biomass materials to be solid pellets which is for burning .For its driven power, it can be diesel engine, motor or gasoline.the small pellet mill can be removable, because of the wheel. So that you can deal with it in the open air.Because of its easy operation, our pellet machine is an ideal pellet press for personal, family and small plants.

Advantage of small pellet mill

1. Hold CE, ISO9001: 2008 certificate : quality guarantee

2.Machine motor : Huali or Siemens well known brand

3. Competitive price with good quality .

4. One year guarantee period ( besides wearing parts )

5. Low noise , efficiency high overload capacity

6. Automated operation , stable operation and continuous work .

Flat die feed pellet machine is designed for feed grain feeding specialized households in rural areas and small farms

Flat die feed pellet mill is designed for feed grain feeding specialized households in rural areas and small farms, small and medium sized rabbit pellet feed plant design processing equipment. the pellet mill is mainly used in specialized households and small farms in rural farming, rabbit factory. Crude fiber grain, such as: sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins, weeds and other crop straw particles. Also applicable to biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer, fertilizer and other cold granulation.The whole feed pellet making machine uses a special high quality materials and advanced with shaft drive,the key components of high quality alloy steel plus wear-resistance material.the use of German vacuum furnace heat treatment to extend the service life 5-7 years.flat die feed pellet machine production of particles is high in hardness, smooth surface, internal curing, can improve digestion and absorption of nutrients. Particle formation process to make cereals, legumes trypsin resistance factor degeneration role in reducing the adverse effects on the digestion, flat die feed pellet machine can kill a variety of parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, reduce all kinds of vermin and digestive diseases. Compared to the mixed powder feed equipment to higher economic efficiency can be obtained.This kind flat die feed pellet machine can process more kinds of sawdust, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, hulls, forestry wastes, wood chips, chemical waste and many other wastes or solid powder materials. The raw material is under dried condition, which is compressed and formed into small eraser-sized bits, the final pellets is clean, pleasant and smooth.

1). GX series flat die pellet machine can produce flat-mode suppression of biomass particles.

2). Our product using cold forming technology and cosmetic polishing process.the flat die feed pellet machine has beautiful appearance and compact structure.

3). the flat die feed pellet machine has high output,low energy consumption ,low noise low failure ,fatigue and strong machine,continuous production,economic machine.

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KLP series flat die pellet mill are small and medium-sized pellet feed processing equipments

KLP series flat die pellet mill are small and medium-sized pellet feed processing equipments which are specially 

designed for the feeding in rural areas and small-sized farms and rabbit warren.

Main performances and features of flat die pellet mill

(1)  the feed pellet mill has simple structure and wide applicability.  Small cover and low noise .

(2)  Power feed and grass power can be made into pellet with only some liquid.  Therefore, the water 

containing rate of pellet feed is the same as before when it is made into the pellet, which means that it

is more conductive to storing.

(3)  Pellets made by this feed pellet making machine are with high hardness,smooth surface and full of internal curing,

which can not only improve digestion and absorption of nutrition but also kill the general pathogenic 

microorganisms and parasites.  They can be used for feeding rabbits, fish, ducks, cattle, sheep and 

pigs, which have a higher economic benefit compared with mixed power feed.

Major characteristics of feed granulators

1. the feed granulator has simple structure, wide application, small floor space, low noise level

2. Only need to add a little amount of liquid or no need at all to make powdery feed and grass meal into
granules.Thus moisture content of granule feed is basically the same moisture content before granulation, so as to be easily stored.

3. Feed of chicken, duck, fish etc guarantees higher economic benefit than mixing powdery feed.

4. Feed granules made from dry materials are with higher hardness level, smooth surface, cooked inside and will make nutrition easily digested.

5. The formation process of granules will make pancreatic enzyme boycott factor in grains and beans denaturized, to reduce bad effects on digestion and kill all kinds of parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms and reduce all kinds of parasitic and digestive system diseases.