our compound fertilizer machines feature stable performance, large production capacity

victor machinery is a professional organic fertilizer granulator equipment manufacturer and supplier based in China. Besides, we can also manufacture urea granulation process equipment, BB fertilizer equipment, to name a few.all our compound fertilizer production line machines feature stable performance, large production capacity and simple operation. Welcome to choose our fertilizer pellet mill equipment. We believe that our high product quality and competitive price can satisfy you.

Why choose our compound fertilizer production equipment?
1. our compound fertilizer machines is designed based on mature and advanced technologies. The fermentation system of our organic fertilizer equipment can save energy to a large extent, because this system can make full use of solar energy, bio-energy and mechanical energy.
2. The whole fertilizer production process is centralized controlled. Hence, our compound fertilizer equipment features high automation, flexible and convenient operation. Computer controlled batching and packing systems highly guarantee the accuracy of material batching and fertilizer packing.
3. our compound fertilizer machines annual production capacity ranges from 10KT to 200KT.

We can provide the following types of organic fertilizer equipment
1. Livestock and poultry manure bio-organic fertilizer equipment
2. Dregs bio-organic fertilizer equipment
3. Paper Sludge bio-organic fertilizer equipment
4. MSW fertilizer equipment, or called municipal solid waste fertilizer equipment


in the process of fertilizer production we need attetion maintenance

in the process of organic fertilizer production line,we need to pay more attention to the maintenance of the organic fertilizer equipments, so that we can achieve the best use effect and prolong the service time of the fertilizer making machine. So in the process of the use of organic fertilizer granulator equipment production line, what are those we need to pay special attention?

There are some compiled informations for you

1. Anti-aging. Rubber or plastic products are easily aging metamorphism because the effect of the oxygen in the air and the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, they make the elasticity of the rubber parts become worse and easily broken. It is best for safekeeping of rubber parts to coat hot paraffin oil on the surface of rubber, should be placed the indoor shelf, use paper to cover them, keep the drafty, dry and no direct sunlight.
2. Preventing deformation. The organic bio fertilizer granulator parts such as spring, long belt, tool rod, tires and other parts will produce plastic deformation if placed long-term stress or improper. Therefore, there should be properly supported under the frame to let the tires not bear the load.
3. In addition, in the use process of various kinds of equipments in organic fertilizer production line, it need to prevent the loss of parts. When not in use, the organic fertilizer production equipments should be disassembled, and the disassembled equipments parts should classify to prevent small parts missing to affect the use of the organic fertilizer production equipment.

roller press granulator granulation equipment is used combined with compound fertilizer equipments

roller press granulator equipment is used combined with compound fertilizer equipments, the roller press granulator equipment is the main equipment for the production of compound fertilizer, the compound fertilizer production has the following process characteristics: low investment, composition of raw materials have no special requirements, mixed fully chemical reaction raw materials, high environmental protection and low energy consumption, can produce higher economic benefit.

The whole compound fertilizer machinery is divided into four parts.

1. The frame parts: all the fertilizer roller press granulator machine body ate installed on the rack. The fertilizer granulator machine frame adopts medium carbon steel plate, channel steel welded together, and through strict quality control and the specific technical requirements, the fertilizer pellet granulation machine can achieve the use purpose. There is a hole for hoist in the four corners of the frame to be used in the transport of loading and unloading.

2. Drive connecting parts: motor can drive belt pulley, triangle, and speed reducer driving to make the nose job. Otherwise, sprocket, chain of transmission chain is passed to the broken part separation work. The transmission speed reducer and the working parts of the nose pass drive with pin coupling mesh nylon column.
3. Working part of the nose: it’s composed by the driving wheel through column pin coupling to drive the roller, the roller synchronous operation by a pair of open round guarantee, both sides of the main driven shaft have a specific bearing, and bearing frame. It’s installed on the frame.

4. Broken separation work part: the materials flow to the underside broken indoor after roll extrusion, the biaxial mace rotation can separate out the ball and the returned material.

Compound fertilizer crusher is a kind of no screen, adjustable fine crushing machine

Compound fertilizer crusher is a kind of no screen, adjustable fine crushing machine.the compound fertilizer crusher machine is optimal designed on the basis of advanced fine crushing technology both at home and abroad. the compound fertilizer granulator is mainly adapted to medium-sized raw materials and clinkers , at the same time can also be used for fine-crush dolomite, coke precious stones, lead zinc, serpentine, blast furnace slag, coal gangue , phosphate rock materials with medium hardness , especially suitable for hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt artificially build sand or highway pavement stone processing.

compound fertilizer crusher characteristic

1,Chain crusher is divided into vertical chain crusher and horizontal chain crusher two structure forms. Vertical chain crusher is single rotor.

2,The main working parts of chain crusher is rotor with steel ring chain, one ring chain end is connected with the rotor, the other end of ring chain is provided with ring chain head made from wear-resistant steel.

3,Chain crusher is impact crusher, crushing through the high-speed rotation of the chain to impact the material block.

4,In order to prevent the friction of the sticky material to the steel plate, in the lining is rubber plate; on the two sides of the body is arranged with quick open access door, the body and the driving device are arranged in the base made of structural steel

Vertical Compound fertilizer Crusher is a new type machine for fine and coarse crushing materials

vertical compound fertilizer crusher is a new type compound fertilizer production machine for fine and coarse crushing materials combining with the advanced technique of the same type crusher at home and abroad after optimizing the main parameters.this fertilizer equipment is mainly handling raw materials and clinkers in medium cement plant, and is a perfect fine crushing equipment for technical innovation and reconstruction of a cement production line in cement plant.this compound fertilizer crusher is also suitable for crushing medium hardness ores, such as iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, blast furnace slag, coal gangue and lump coal.

compound fertilizer crusher has features of big reduction ratio, low power consumption, stable performance, simple structure and easy maintenance.

Working principle of vertical compound fertilizer crusher

The motor drives the rotor that fixed on the main bearing to run quickly toward certain direction when the compound fertilizer making machine works. The materials are fallen into the throw-up disc and impacted by the high speed strips of the throw-up disc, and then strikes with the impact board under the effect of Centrifugal Force.

Because the impact board is bevel and the gravitation, the materials are threw to the taper crushing room and impacted by the high-rotating up hammerhead. After gaining sufficient energy, the materials are thrown to the impact board again and action repeats. The materials strike with each other in the crushing room and then are down to the column-shape rotor room. Then crushed, pressed, and ground and action repeats. In this way, the materials go through up, middle, and down rotor crushing rooms and crushed, pressed, and ground by the hammers and the impact boards, and finally the materials are gradually crushed into needed sizes and come out.

introdution of technology and production method of compound fertilizer granules

Slurry method

With phosphoric acid, ammonia as raw materials, the use of neutralizer, tubular reactor will be neutral slurry in ammoniation compound fertilizer granulating machine in coating granulation, in the process of production add part of nitrogen and potassium and other substances, then through dry, screening, cooling and get NPK compound fertilizer products, this is the major domestic and international chemical fertilizer company and factory mass production who often use such a fertilizer production method

The advantages of this method can produce ammonium phosphate can also produce NPK fertilizer, but also make full use of the acid, ammonia neutralization thermal evaporation material moisture, reduce the granulation water content and drying load, reduce energy consumption, the advantage of this method is: the scale of production, production with low cost and good quality of product, the product high strength.


In recent years, because our country phosphate industry to raise the level of technology and equipment, wet phosphoric acid as a commodity to enter the market with good conditions, in has the resources and conditions of the regions to establish phosphate base, with commodity phosphate meet other regions in the development of the high concentration of phosphate &compound fertilizer needs, is to form a kind of new train of thought and way, the market demand will promote the industry development, will solve many areas of raw material phosphate demand

2. Solid crumb method

To monomer base fertilizer such as urea and ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulphate, ammonium phosphate monoammonium phosphate, dap, coarse whiting, general calcium), potassium chloride (potassium) as raw materials, after smashing to a certain degree of fineness, material in the drum granulator or garden disc granulator rolling in the bed through the humidifying, heating for reunion granulation, in granulating process, conditional still can be in a drum granulator to join a small amount of phosphoric acid and ammonia, to improve fertilizer making conditions.

The sources of the raw materials widely to obtain and processing process more simple, less investment, low production cost, mounting fast, flexible production, the product grade adjustment simple easy, is used widely, the raw materials are solid, for raw materials based on sex is not strong, because is the base fertilizer secondary processing process, so almost nonexistent environment pollution problem

3. Part of the slurry method

In recent years, in the TVA urea, ammonium nitrate half slurry method and aggregate method, on the basis of the development of domestic and using urine or ammonium nitrate solution spray prilling – that is part of the slurry method.

This technology use of urea and ammonium nitrate under high temperature can form the characteristics of high concentration solution (? 95%), because urine or ammonium nitrate solution temperature is high, the solubility, liquid big characteristics, using urine or ammonium nitrate concentrated solution direct injection prilling machine layer, the use of urine or ammonium nitrate solution with liquid and other solid base fertilizer and return families together with coating granulation.

So that we can reduce water or steam quantity added to, reducing granulation materials of water content, as well as to reduce granulation water content, dry load and reduce the purpose of energy consumption


do you know of pig manure organic fertilizer granulation process

Pig manure organic fertilizer is wide application in the countryside very much, because of wider sources of raw materials. Today we introduce pig manure organic fertilizer production process.

1. Raw material proportioning per ton

500 kg pig manure + auxiliary material 300kg + bacteria residue 200 kg +RW microbial inoculum 100 g.

 2. Strip heaps

The raw material proportioning, strip heaps raw materials according to the needs, length is not limited, width of 4 m, height of 2 m. The heap requires uniform conduct stacking material layer by layer.

3. Adding microbial inoculum

For microbial inoculum, bacteria slag by 1:5 increasing the ratio of volume, mix according to article number into the heap after heap’s surface.

4. Stir and ferment

Stir with mixer heaps, stirring fermentation, after temperatures soar to above 60 degrees, turning every interval 4-5 day, 60 degrees after fermentation 15 days away.

5. Screening process

According to the steps above after fermentation by the screening and processing of pure organic fertilizer.

6. Granulating

Fermented organic fertilizer granulation. Select the granulating machine based on different raw materials, disk fertilizer making machine, roller extrusion granulator, extrusion ball shaping all-in-one machine.

7. Drying, cooling and packaging

The output fertilizer particles, the water content is big, water needs to be dried to below 20% of organic fertilizer standard, drying of granular organic fertilizer after cooler cools directly after packaging.

To sum up, pig manure organic fertilizer production is easy to promote, but there were also shortcomings, organic fertilizers equipment available in the market can now address these challenges, you are welcome to concern.