fish feed pellet mill–feed pellet mill manufacutere

fish feed pellet mill

this fish feed pellet mill machine mainly used to make floating type fish feed for kinds of fishes,this fish feed extruder machine has two types for your choice,

capacity is from 100kg/h to 5000kg/h for small and large fish farms,the fish feed pellet machine can make 0.9mm–12mm granlues

Advantages of floating fish feed machine

1) With different moulds, the feed pellet making mill can produce different diameter food,
from 0.9mm to 10 mm.  The food can meet different stage fish. The food can be floating 24hours.
2 ) the fish feed pellet mill can produce different shapes feed for fish, dog, cat etc.
Through the pretreatment of the feed, it can reduce loss of nutrition and advance the protein ratio. So the feed will be digested easily by animals.

According to your requirement and production scale, we can supply two types of fish feed pellet making machine: dry type and wet type. However, what is difference and why choose the wet one? Please follow me to learn about pellet extrusion principle. Pellet extrusion is a process where the feedstuff is subject to mixing and heating under high pressure before being forced through a die mould. The feed constituents undergo transformations during the processing that can be beneficial as they are fully cooked and the nutritional value is improved. A temperature higher than 100 ℃ is needed in order to achieve expansion of the feed as it leaves the die of the animal feed pellet making machine

fish feed making machinefloating fish feed on water

animal poultry feed pellet press machine with 500kg/h

poultry feed pellet press machine
Ring die feed pellet press machine is another popular type. they have higher quality than flat die pelleting machine,In contrast to flat die pellet press machines those with ring die pellet mill are more often used to produce wood sawdust pellets, biomass pellet for fuel and poultry feed pellets like chicken feed,pig feed,duck feed,fish feed,cattle feed,on a large scale for light industrial and commercial purposes. The finished feed pellets have a smooth surface and easy to digest for animals. They are not as widespread as those flat die pellet press machine,because of the increased complexity of feed pelleting machines and hence, higher costs

Features of feed pellet press
1. Over 15 years experience and more than 300 turn key pellet lines

2. the pellet mill is Widely used for large scope of raw material, such as wood chips,sawdust, straw,grass,rice husk,pasture,palm leaf etc.

3. With magnet and over load protection system, which can protect the machine well during production;

4. The feeder is variable speed controlled to meet different output requirements and with the special structure, it makes materials conveyed evenly.

5. The imported bearing and oil seal in the main drive to ensure highly-efficiency,stability and durability.