rotary drum dryer is mainly composed of cylinder, under frame, feeding and discharging devices

rotary drum dryer is mainly composed of cylinder, under frame, feeding and discharging devices, transmission device, gear cover and so on. Rotary drier manufactured by victor machinery adopts new lifting plate, which is of functions like guiding, current-sharing, and material raising.the rotary drum dryer works with disc granulator in a complete whole organic fertilizer production line to produce bio organic fertilizer granules.the materials are raised and evenly drop so that they are in full contact with heat for better drying efficiency. Our rotary drier is designed with the best working conditions, which enables it to save 10-15% of energy and increase 10-15% of productivity compared with common dryers.

 rotary drum dryer is widely used for drying materials in industries like cement, mine, building materials, chemistry, food and fertilizer, etc. This rotary drying machine comes with thermocouples on the feeding and discharging device to control the temperature. Thermometers are also adopted so as to better control the working temperature (generally 350-380°) of the rotary drier.

Brief introduction on working principle:

First step: connect the natural gas to the burner to have the hot heat,

Send the raw material by screw conveyor into the drum, there has fan it will

Absorb the heat into drum, the drum rotary with the heat and the materials for drying, after the moisture has out disposed ,the fan again send the dry materials into the dust collection machine(Shaq Dragon) for discharge. The drum dryer has continues drying function, and the dry effect is higher than other dryers.


Rotary dryer can reduce coal moisture from 40-50% to less than 5%

Rotary dryer can reduce coal moisture from 40-50% to less than 5%, fuel can be coal, natural gas, oil. rotary dryer consist of shell, front and rear supporting wheels, feeding and discharge device, gear device  and gear cap. Because of
the adoption of reasonable working parameters, rotary dryer, which used with rotary drum granulator to make up of a complete whole compound fertilizer production line,can save 10-15% energy and increase production by 10-15%,which is manufactured by victor machinery.the Rotary dryer’s heat source is a combustion apparatus.the rotary dryer adopts direct flow heating with heat source from firing unit. The material to be dried is pushed back immediately by spiral board after going in the shell from feeding tank or feeding chute. Because the drier is installed in an inclined position, material flows to the back end under gravity and rotation force. At the same time,the rotary dryer is lifted by board repeatedly and thrown down accordingly, which makes the material form an even curtain, so that the rotary dryer can exchange heat sufficiently with the heat flow. 

features of rotary dryer

1.The final moisture of raw materail can be 1%-15% what is adjustable.
2.The special internal structure of wood chip rotary dryer ensure the wet materials that will not block and stick the dryer.
3.fertilizer rotary dryer can resist the high temperature so that it can dry the material quickly and have a large capacity.
4.fertilizer rotary dryer can use coal,oil,gas,biomass as fuel.
5.We can provide you the new way to use few fuel so that you will get low drying cost.
6.We can provide the dedusting equipment to ensure the wood chip rotary dryer won’t harm our environment.
7.fertilizer rotary dryer is easy to operate and maintain.

New Organic Fertilizer granulator is the latest product of fertilizer machinery

new organic fertilizer granulator is the latest product of institute of fertilizer machinery with years of experience in organic fertilizer processing equipment design and development, which has won the national utility model patent.the new organic fertilizer pellet mill is used for granulation of fermented organic matter to break through conventional granulation process, Before te granulation, no need to dry the raw materials, raw materials and ingredients can be processed directly after smashing a spherical particle,the new organic fertilizer production line granulator can save large amounts of energy.Production of particles as spherical, organic content of up to 100%, granulation achieving pure organics, organic particles can be characteristic of the role must be able to inlay each other growing up, granulation without a bonding agent.Particle strong granulation to screening, reduced drying energy, raw materials and water included in 20%-40%.

the new organic fertilizer granulator machine is especially for granulating manure organic fertilizer granules. This new design type organic fertilizer granulator machine is developed and designed by our company engineer in recent two years.the new organic fertilizer granulator machinecan granulate all kinds of fermented organic materials like poultry manure straw meals,grass meals,bentonite,organic waste and so on .before granulating, the raw materials is not necessary to be dried because the raw materials water content for the new organic fertilizer granulator machine can be 30–55%,and can granulate crushed raw materials directly. 

The main working method of rotary granulator is aggregate wet granulation

The main working method of rotary granulator is aggregate wet granulation. Through a certain amount of water or steam, basically the fertilizer mixing wet in tube body after the full chemical reaction. Under a certain liquid conditions, in virtue of rotary exercise of the rotating cylinder, so that material particles have a extrusion stress, reunite to ball.the rotary fertilizer granulator is one of the key fertilizer production line equipment of compound fertilizer industry, and this type granulator is suitable for cold and hot granulation and high and low concentration of compound fertilizer production on a large scale. This rotary granulator machine cylinder, with a special jointing sheet lined with or acid stainless steel lining board, has realized automatic scar removal to take off the tumor, and canceled the traditional scraper. The rotary granulator machine has the features of high strength into the ball, good appearance and quality, corrosion resistance, resistance to wear, low-energy consumption, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance, etc.

The main features of Rotary Granulator:
(1)Rate of ball-becoming up to 70%, have a small amount of returned material, expected, small granularity of returned material, can be re-granulation.
(2)Steam heating, improve material’s temperature, so that have lower moisture when material change into the ball, improve dryness efficiency.
(3)the rotary granulator use rubber plastic for lining, raw materials difficult to stick cylinder, and played the role of anti-corrosion, keep warm.
(4)the rotary granulator has high yield, little power consumption, low maintenance costs.

The biological organic fertilizer granulator overcome problems of the existing biological fertilizer granulator

The biological organic fertilizer granulator overcome problems of the existing biological fertilizer granulator, such as high-temperature sterilization, bad discharging and dry hard. the bio fertilizer pellet mill can protect bacteria under normal temperature, with reasonable design, simple structure, lower final product moisture, easy to dry, at same time could produce feed, fills the market blank of multi-usage in field of granulating machine.

Features of Biological Organic Fertilizer Granulator:

◆the bio organic fertilizer granulator has nice looking in shape, simple in structure, easy in operation and service, No special training needed and operation available through manual,

◆Robust in operating, no shut down even at full load, and separate feeding device not needed,

◆the bio organic fertilizer granulator is versatile available, feed production may be arranged after manure without being idle

◆the bio organic fertilizer granulator is with low energy consumption and high efficiency, the fertilizer production equipment in medium and miniature size are quite ideal for biologic organic fertilizer, feed production plant, farming and meadow, waste water treatment plant, garbage disposal and farmers both in town and village,

◆Pellet produced in one process, without over size and recycling , pelletizing rate larger than 90%, drying and cooling ability available, resulting in low production cost and good for seeding machine,

◆the bio organic fertilizer granulator has low moisture content in feed stock requested, easy to drying and post treatment, low cost for drying. Because drying could be conducted with low temperature or sun, so activity of biological bacterium would not be impacted,

roller press granulator is widely used for organic and inorganic fertilizer production

roller press granulator is widely used for organic and inorganic fertilizer production. the roller press granulator could compress directly material into the powder particles at normal temperature, not only to production of urea ammonium bicarbonate, chloride, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride and other materials for the multielement compound fertilizer, and the fertilizer granulator can also applies to rare earth magnetic compound fertilizer granulation, without drying equipment, particle high intensity.No waste discharge, operation stability, reliable operation and easy maintenance.

Fearure of roller press granulator
A.roller press granulator has small investment, quick profit, good economic returns

B. roller press granulator can saving energy, reducing consumption, no “three wastes” discharge

C. roller press granulator is stable operation, reliable operation, easy maintenance, wide raw material adaptability

D. granulating, molding, screening into one machine, make finished product with good appearance, easy to operate

E. main components such as roller body adopts new type metal to refine with anticorrosive, abrasion resistance, shock resistance characteristics

F. bearing bracket select excellent anticorrosion casting parts for whole body, greatly improve service life of rolling bearing and main shaft

G. transmission part adopts twoinput transfer mode, not only improve input power ratio, but also ensure the lubrication and sealing performance of transmission gear

H. roller press granulator has compact structure, good stability, good sealing, low noise, easy operation and maintenance

Working Principle of roller press granulator:

Two rollers rotate in reverse, materials between rollers are compressed, the intermediate products are bar shape / sheet, then the crusher device will crush the bar shape products into irregular granules, finally using the rotary screen to sieve standard products, non- standard products will be recycled mix with new material for the next granulating process.

Are you looking for urea-based compound fertilizer equipment?

Are you looking for urea-based compound fertilizer granulator equipment?
Are you going to upgrade your existing fertilizer equipment?
If your answer is YES, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can provide not only high quality urea granulation process equipment, but also upgrade services for organic fertilizer production equipment.We are a urea granulation machine manufacturer in China. In addition to urea-based compound fertilizer production line, we can also provide many other types of fertilizer equipment, such as NPK compound fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer equipment, to name a few.

This type of compound fertilizer rotary drum granulator equipment utilizes melted-urea as the main nitrogen source. During granulation process of fertilizer production, melted-urea will be mixed with other raw materials by coating on these materials.As a matter of fact, melted-urea has several functions during fertilizer production. It firstly functions as a kind of raw material, and then functions as a liquid to participate in granulating process, and finally produces heat which makes drying process easy.The primary component of our urea granulation process equipment is a spray granulation dryer.