corn shelling machine is specialized to thresh the corn and maize

This model corn shelling machine is specialized to thresh the corn and maize from the plant straw and berry cover. Also the corn threshing machine can thresh the corn, but are not be with good effect .This corn shelling machine consists of the feed hopper, roller ,screen, frame etc.When the corn sheller machine in operation, firstly put the crops into machine from feeder,
and the crops will be rubbed, squeezed, collided and shaken by assembly
of rack and screen mesh, then to make the grain seperated from culm,
then flowing out from the screen mesh. Finally, the culm will be thrown
out by centrifugation of roller, and threshing is finished .except the corn shelling machine,victor machinery also supplies wheat threshing machine

features of corn shelling machine

1. Rational designed:

The entire corn shelling machine is made by stainless steel with trundles for moving conveniently. The exit parts of the corn shelling machine have the fan to get out of the waste.

2. High efficiency:

It adjusts the size of corn sticks according to automatically, fitting for all kinds of corn. The depth of threshing could be adjusted. Stripping rate of sweet corn can reach to 100%.

3. Simple operation:

Discharging ostium with a powerful blower to blow impurityand making corn grain clean and perfectly.

4. Strong adaptability:

corn shelling machine fits to mass production in factory with Pipelining, and also fit to Process in home. corn shelling machine could be used as the produce line as well as the home use.


corn sheller is zhengzhou victor machinery self-developed sheller machine

corn sheller is zhengzhou victor machinery self-developed sheller machine based on current market needs and popularity,the corn thresher machine main feature is the low rate of processing of peanut crushing, sorting clean,
good color,low impuritiesall indications are in line with national standard,
this combined corn sheller machine can finish the peeling and shelling at
the same time in one machine, which can reduce the cost and improve the
capacity.this corn threshing and shelling machine can use the electricity and
diesel engine as the fuel, which is more convenient for the farms where is
lack of electricity.This corn sheller machine composed of pattern pole,
trash rack, concave plate, fans, the proportion of sorting screen
and the secondary elevator parts, simple and compact, easy to
operate, stable performance, safe and reliable

The corn sheller is used to thresh the corn seeds from cob

The corn sheller is used to thresh the corn seeds from cob, not breaking the cobs .the corn sheller has high quality and easy operate which is very suitable for home use. the corn thresher machine is used to peel the skin of corn and make the maize removed from the cob only work once. the maize threshing machine is a kind of multifunctional machine. the corn sheller can peel the skin and remove the corn form the cob. the corn thresher is high frequency and can be connected with Strap type tractor in the front with two v-blet (B2400). We use zhengzhou victor machinery TM series type diesel engine for you and add two wheels. So that it can be trailed by tractor.This is our new heavy corn thresher; the net weight is 115kg, very stronger!

Features  of electrical corn sheller :

1.Extractor fan is used to separate corn kernels, cobs and corn silk

2.the corn sheller is Shelling without breaking corn cobs

3.the corn sheller is Powered either by electricity motor, diesel/gasoline engine.

4.the corn sheller has High efficiency and stable performance.

5.the corn sheller Can thresh wet wheat, also can thresh rice, corn and other

How corn thresher machine works:

Corn thresher machine is the corn equipment that put the corn outer skin peeling off after the corn harvest.the corn sheller replaces the manual stripping tension and heavy labor, reducing the labor intensity, improve production efficiency, its broken rate is less than 1%, loss rate lower than 2%. the corn thresher machine manufactured by victor machinery can finish husker homework well, replace manual operations, improve the work efficiency. the maize shelling machine also can peel the skin of corn and thresh the corn at same time or in separate, according to the client’s requirement.

How corn maize husker machine works:

When the corn thresher machine starts working, the corns go into the cylinder chamber through the feed port, under the rotation, friction, extrusion and propulsion of the rubber roller, corn husk is separated from the corncob, corn husk and corn cob are discharged automatically.

In operation, the corncobs will get into the working space through feed hopper. Connected to the motor by pulley and V-belt, the driving shaft can reach a speed of 550-600 rev / min. The design of spiral rolling belt can help push the corncobs to the corn thresher machine outlet, and the metal strip on the rubber roller is used to slice the corn peel, then the opened peel will be clamped and torn up by the roller shaft rotating at both sides, and completely peel the corncobs off.

This series flexible wheat thresher machine perform once threshing and separation of wheat grain, wheat ear, wheat bran

This series flexible wheat thresher machine perform once threshing and
separation of wheat grain, wheat ear, wheat bran,The motorized wheat
thresher, in an operation mode of combining threshing machine, air
separation and screening, can perform once threshing and separation
of wheat grain, wheat ear, wheat bran and wheat tailing.the wheat thresher machine manufactured by victor machinery co ltd is characterized by
reasonable structure,high threshing rate, low loss rate and low energy
consumption, thereby saving labor and material resource, shortening
the wheat harvesting period and winning appreciation from customers; the wheat thresher machine is widely applied to wheat and rice production
regions in rural areas, plains,semi-mountainous areas, and so on

features of wheat thresher machine

1. the wheat thresher machine has simple structure, reliable operation

2. assignments of good quality, each index has reached national relevant specification.

3.the wheat thresher machine can be adaptable,can thresh wet wheat, also can thresh rice, corn and other grain. Multifunction  operation.

4.the use of safe, convenient maintenance, occupy small place


This wheat thresher machine is widely used to shell soybean,Sesame, spring rape and any other pod corps

This wheat thresher machine is widely used to shell soybean,Sesame,
spring rape and any other pod corps.This wheat thresher machine is of 
large crops of wheat and barley, plot of field experiment, the selection and 
breeding for seed, seed threshing cleaning machine, on the threshing 
cleaningthis process, provide the correct data for field experiments, 
seed quality  standardization for seed-breeding basis.This wheat thresher machine no residues in the organic grain threshing clean,less loss, 
low breakage rate, high cleanness of seeds, safe and convenient operation,
suitable for various agricultural unit, seed stock station and seed 
production of farmer.
features of wheat thresher machine
1.The Paddy/wheat thresher machine supplied by victor machinery co ltd can remove rice and wheat kernels fast and cleanly. You can get very clean paddy rice or wheat by this machine.
2.When threshing, rice and wheat will not be damaged. the wheat thresher machine is easy to moveand operate. It has multifunction, suitable for rice, wheat and soybean.
3.The Paddy/wheat thresher machine can use electric motor or diesel engine for driving.