The corn sheller machine is designed for seperating the corn from the corn body

The new design corn sheller machine is designed for seperating the corn from the corn body, which is a good helper for farmers. In the corn harvest time, it is instead of the traditional manual labor, which can also save time and more labor. high working efficiency, low energy consumption, which is welcomed by farmers very much.This corn thresher combinations are special used for corn threshing. They feature on easy adjustment and usage, high threshing performance without breaking the corn cob, low breakage rate and so on.This corn sheller thresher machine are mainly used for processing and sorghum peeled millet rice milling into rice, as well as corn, wheat, barley, mung bean, buckwheat, soybean and other grain and Chinese medicine belvedere fruit, barley peeling.

Advantage of new design corn sheller

1.This is a multifunctional new design corn sheller machine, combining the function of shelling and threshing together.

2.Corn Peeling Shelling Threshing can peel the skin and remove the maize from the cob at the same time. 

3.According to the dynamic type can be divided into electric motor and diesel engine,this machine can be connected with electric motor and diesel engine. 


corn thresher peeling machine has the functions of peeling and threshing.

corn thresher peeling machine has the functions of peeling and threshing. When finish shelling, just change the rotor of shelling part to the rotor of threshing part, you can use this new design corn sheller machine threshing corn. Don’t need to change motor. Only one motor can control the two functions. the maize sheller is very convenient, and can save a lot of labor. It is a kind of multifunctional machine,the corn sheller thresher machine can peel the skin and remove the corn form thecob, the end productes is clean and completion.we promise the quality of the corn sheller & shresher machine, if you interested in it, contact us without hesitation.

Features of corn dehusker machine

1.Combine corn sheller with corn thresher, one machine with two functions.

2.the corn thresher has high working efficiency, low energy consumption.
3.the corn thresher machine structure is compact, convenient to move.

4. keeping the corn cob in good shape, high thresher rate.
5.The corn sheller is a new type machine and very suitable for rural family

to thresh corn.

This corn peeling machine is used to peel the skin of corn and make the maize removed from the cob

This corn peeling machine is used to peel the skin of corn and make the maize removed  from the cob. the corn peeling machine also can peel the skin of corn and thresh the corn at same time or in separate, according to the client’s requirement.the corn sheller peeling machine is high frequency and can be connected with kinds of tractor. Even if there is  no tractor.the corn thresher peeler machine can be connected with kinds of motors both one-phase and three-phase.Corn peeling machine, belonging to corn processing machinery. Mainly comprises body, the body has a feed inlet, power seat and body connection, ergonomics 8500 -12500 per hour, stripping the net rate of 80% to 95%, broken rate of less than 1% loss rate is low 2%. Corn peeling can work well done, replace manual operations, improve work efficiency.

Working principle of corn peeling machine

Corn peeling machine is made of roller, rotor composition, feeding device, rack and so on five parts.the screen mesh and the rotor composition
together form threshing room,The rotor composition is the main working
components, the process  of corn threshing is completed in threshing room. 

Feature of corn peeling machine

1. The corn peeling machine adopts four shaft structure for medium-sized sheller, reasonable feed entrance design, the user can use shovel to feeding  directly .  

2.Shelling draft is far from feeding mouth, and was protected by 

shield strictly, no leak, not easily risk, more safe and reliable.

3.corn peeling machine has adopt an advanced skinning design, pure rate is high, broken core less.

4.corn peeling machine has less input, resulting high, corn peeling machine is the become rich helper.

victor machinery brand corn peeling machine is used to peel the skin of corn

victor machinery brand corn peeling machine is used to peel the skin of corn and thresh the corn kernels at the same time or in separate. the corn peeling machine depends on client’s requirement. It is economical and easy to operate.The corn peeling machine combines husking and shelling. the corn thresher peeling machine can both peel off the corn husk, and shell the seeds, without breaking the corn cob and corn seeds. The rotor rotates with high speed and hits with drum cylinder, thus peeling and corn sheller machine with large capacity. They can peel off the corn husk and seeds at more than 98%, saving labor, enhance the working efficiency. 

Features of corn peeling machine

1.corn peeling machine is Labor saving. This corn peeling machinecombined corn peeling and threshing in one,corn peeling machine can reduce a lot of manual work and save time.

2.corn peeling machine has long service life. corn peeling machine can be used more than 10 years, low investment and high benefits, which is a good choice for the farmer.

3.This corn peeling machine can be supplied according to your needs ,such as power choice (electric motor,diesel engine ,tractor etc ),different color (red,blue,green etc).

4. corn peeling machine has small floor space and suitable for using in the middle and small farms.

corn sheller machine adopts the device of roller type automatic adjustment

corn sheller machine adopts the device of roller type automatic adjustment threshing mouth which can greatly alleviate the labor of farmers in the process of peeling corn.The capacity of corn sheller machine can get 1~4 tons/h, the pure rate is more than 99%, which the loss rate less than 2%, and the cleaning rate is more than 98% and don’t damage corn.The maize peeling machine can be driven by electrical motor, diesel engine and tractor etc.after peeling the corn can be threshed by corn  threshing machine to get corn seed

Advantage of corn sheller machine

1.Labor saving.this corn thresher machine can get 500~3000 kg/h ,it can release farmer from heavy manual work and save time.
2.Long service life,our corn thresher machine can be used more than 10 years ,low input and high income,it’s a good choice for the farmer.
3.This corn threshing machine can be supplied according to your needs ,such as power choice (electric motor,diesel engine ,tractor etc ),different color (red,blue,green etc).

The corn threshing machine can separate the corn from the corn body without breaking the corn cob

The corn threshing machine can separate the corn from the corn body without breaking the corn cob. The corn sheller machine is compact designed and can clearly separate the corn from the corn body, and the same time throw the corn at the same time.he corn threshing machine is widely applied in the home, livestock breeding, small farm, small feeds production company, grain and cooking oil processing factory, wind plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical factory, and so on.

The corn threshing machine can remove the skin of the outside corncob and get the corn seeds from the corncob without breaking the corncob. The machine is compact designed and can clearly separate the corn from the corn body.except corn threshing machine,we also have corn peeling machine,wheat thresher etc.

Features of corn threshing machine

1.Combine corn sheller with corn thresher.

2.One threshing machine with two functions.

3.High efficience and save energy.

4.Finished production will be satisfactory.

Advantages of corn threshing machine

1. corn threshing machine has Stainless steel, convenient movement with casters;

2. corn threshing machine is Easy to operate, Suitable for all kinds of fresh, sweet, waxy maize, jelly corn defrost threshing;

3. By special motor drive, the more impact resistance, inverter control;

4. corn threshing machine has High efficiency, automatic adjustment, suitable for all kinds of size of corn threshing, Stripping net rate can amount to 100;

5. Cutting tools with long service life.

Corn thresher machine is the threshing machine which can shell the corn

Corn thresher machine is the threshing machine which can shell the corn outside the skin, instead of the traditional tension manual labor, it help reduce labot intersity and make less loss to improve the productivity. Corn thresher machine is easy to control and operate, good helper for farmers.

A corn threshing device or corn sheller is usually applied to separate the corn seeds or corn grains from its central stem for use in various corn-based or food processing industries. There are many types of corn threshers available in the existing technologies, and they are usually made of various different materials and designed with different specifications in order to meet
the requirements of the manufacturers of victor machinery from the relevant industries. Generally, most of the commercially available corn threshers can be used for threshing a wide variety of corns including fresh corns, sweet corns or frozen corns. However, productivity of different corn threshing systems as well as the quality of the corn seeds or grains produced may be greatly varied among different corn threshers. Our small agri machines and farm machinery target, but not only, small producers and developping countries. Our machines are reliable, easy too run and offer very competitive prices. Our range of machines includes grinders, rice hullers, grinders mixers, corn threshers, fish and vegetables driers, raw cashew nut shellers and processing machines, diesel generators