This rotary peanut roaster is a small drying equipment

This rotary peanut roaster is a small drying equipment,which can be fried peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower and other oil crops.
Normally the temperature is controlled in 160-230°C in the seeds frying process (the temperature depends on the crops),
crops in medium well cooked are appropriate.The peanut roaster machine is widely used for roaster sesame, cotton seeds, rapeseeds, soybean, peanut, corn nuts, tea seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds etc.peanut roaster machine can used for peanut,soybean,sesame,sunflower seeds,etc.the peanut roaster machine also can used for nut roaster.then can directly to eat nuts.first fry oil seed for oil press making peanut oil,can reach more higher oil capacity,can save oil press’s screw working times.This peanut roaster machine is mainly used for roasting
and drying the granular materials like peanut, groundnut kernels, Chinese chestnut, walnut, almond,
broad bean, coffee bean, melon seed, sunflower seeds,hazelnut etc

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features of peanut roaster

1.This peanut roaster machine is very easy to control and operate

2.Occupy small space, convenient to move different place

3. Many kinds of fuel can be used, sc as, coal, firewood, gas, electricity, etc

4.This peanut roaster machine is used for frying different food stuff, such as pellets, nuts, and chips etc.

5All kinds of nuts can be fried by this peanut roaster machine and get a stable and uniform result.

6Low manpower cost,one person can achieve.

7.High efficient and low price


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