The electric peanut roaster is according to our factory for many years production experience

The electric peanut roaster is according to our factory for many years production experience,

for domestic and foreign similar products comparison, integrated the advantages of electric oven 

and development of new type high efficiency and energy saving furnace,baking products, pure flavor. 

Energy saving safety, health and convenient, fast, stable performance, less consumption, low 

running cost, long service life, easy operation and maintenance etc, and the baking quality produced 

meet the food hygiene standards and international standards. This peanut roaster machine is of  

advanced one-piece infrared accelerating burner which consists of the computer controlled pulse

igniting system, the flame and temperature monitoring system and the rolling drums.the peanut

roaster is used with oil press for making peanut oil,the length of infrared waves released from the

burning gas is 2-4 um whose heat reaches the highest infrared radiation value. The ideal infrared

wave length is easy to be absorbed by molecules of ordinary substances. The object inside the rolling drum
are being simultaneously heated from both sides which avoids the phenomenon that the surface of the

objects is burnt while their inside undone. And thus the baking quality, color and flavor are guaranteed.

The baking time is greatly shortened and cost is voluminously lowed. The machine having advantages
as automatic thermostat control, safety and hygiene and easy operation etc, is an ideal new generation
replacing the old traditional generation of baking machines.
features of peanut roaster
1, Various capacity: 15kg/time, 25kg/time and 50kg/time, customer can choose the capacity they want.
2, There are two kinds of rollers: iron material and stainless steel material, customer can choose the 
type they want.
3, Two kinds of heating type, gas/coal heating or electric heating, high technolegy, Heat evenly 
Energy and oil saving.
4.2014 new design, rear cover can be opened, will be more easy for maintenance and keep clean
5, Roasting Machine with gas heating stove is equipped with energy- saving, can adjust fire.Electric 
heating type has electric heating temperature controller, the temperature can be adjusted.
6, The heat preservation material is best quality asbestos, High insulation performance, can match 
the tempreture requirment for all kinds of nuts.


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